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Video Vault: Alternative Health - Table 2
Important Notice

Caduceus: Symbol of Healing Caduceus: Symbol of Healing The views expressed within the video files provided here are the views of each individual video author/director and/or participant(s) and are are not to be construed as necessarily being the views of either the MCS-International founder, its Campaign Coordinators or Representatives, its Professional Advisors, or any of its Allied Organisations ( MICAGO ).

Additionally, the video files provided here are strickly for educational and/or entertainment purposes only and must not, under any circumstances, be construed as constituting medical advice of any kind.  If you have a medical health problem you are strongly advised by MCS International to seek the help and advice of a fully qualified health care professional Please Read Our Disclaimer.  Please also note that in all cases the copyright of each video file being offered here remains the exclusive property of the individual(s) responsible for its creation.

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Video's Table Selection

Table 1 Table 2

Ref Video Title Playing Time Access Ref
All Jacked Up - A Short Clip About Aspartame

1 mins 14 secs view video icon 051
Health Effects of Aspartame on Diabetics

4 mins 04 secs view video icon 052
Sweet Misery - A Poisoned World

1 hour 30 mins view video icon 053
Fox News Big Story on Big Pharma's Lie

4 mins 12 secs view video icon 054
The Whole Truth (in 2 parts)

17 mins 34 secs view video icon 055
A Town Called Allopath

?? mins ?? secs view video icon 056
MMS - Jim Humble And The Miracle Mineral

2 mins 49 secs view video icon 057
Mix MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement

7 mins 16 secs view video icon 058
A Conscientious Doctor Comments On MMS

4 mins 55 secs view video icon 059
Understanding MMS Documentary - Recap And Call To Action

10 mins 06 secs view video icon 060
MMS - Dennis Richard's Story

3 mins 51 secs view video icon 061
The Flu Shot Vaccine Scam (Sweet Remedy Clip)

1 mins 23 secs view video icon 062
Vaccine Mercury Brain Degeneration

7 mins 06 secs view video icon 063
Bayer Exposed (HIV Contaminated Vaccine)

3 mins 17 secs view video icon 064
Vaccines Exposed - A Hidden Crime Against Our Children

9 mins 58 secs view video icon 065
Merck Vaccine Chief Brings HIV/AIDS to America

9 mins 57 secs view video icon 066
Mercury, Autism and the Global Vaccine Agenda

1 hour 31 mins view video icon 067
Red Bull Alternative

4 mins 01 secs view video icon 068
Dental Fillings/Mercury Amalgams - Stan Kurtz

8 mins 27 secs view video icon 069
FOX News Whistle blowers - UNBELIEVABLE!!!

10 mins view video icon 070
Store Wars:  The Organic Rebellion

5 mins 48 secs view video icon 071
Flood Your Body With Oxygen by Ed McCabe

47 mins 45 secs view video icon 072

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