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The Power of Moving Pictures

Gordon D McHendry at Maidstone TV Studio's on behalf of severe MCS sufferer Gillian McCarthy, November 2006. Video has come a long ways since the Frenchman Louis Lumiere projected the first moving pictures to a paying audience way back in 1885. We tend to laugh, somewhat incredulously, at tales of early cinema audiences fleeing in panic from a big screen "motion picture" of a train coming straight at them - forgeting just how powerful an effect modern video still has on us today, physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. We may no longer succumb to our "moving picture" induced "fight or flight" response by physically fleeing the cinema in panic, but our adrenaline is often still pumping every bit as much. Instead we turn our head away from the screen, or cover our eyes with our hands or, if it's real creepy, perhaps silently repeat to ourselves over and over again the reassuring mantra "its just a movie, its just a movie..." while we cling white knuckled to the edge of our seat and hang on wide-eyed for the multi-level roller-coaster of a ride that is modern action cinema arguably at its most powerful.

Apart from entertaining us video also has enormous power to inform and educate. And of course the flip side of this is equally true; it has the power to mislead and misinform us just as easily. Harnessing its power for propaganda is a skill that is diligently practiced by governments around the world. Why? Simply because they know it works! They know that if the right kind of information is presented in the just right way, and repeated often enough, such "colouring" of reality works very well indeed. Especially if you control all or most of the crayons, can afford unlimited amounts of all the colours, and have a monopoly on the paper! The birth of the Internet however, has changed all that; and thank God for it.

Health reform activists the world over have woken up to the power of video. The availability of cheap video camera's and video enabled mobile phones, coupled with cheap broadband Internet access, PC's and revolutionary Internet services like Google Video, YouTube and many others, have made it incredibly difficult these days for "the truth" of ANY situation to be caged or stifled for very long. This is why it scares governments witless and why our present Internet Freedoms are so vitally important for us and the health of our species. These Internet Freedoms are under attack right NOW as you read this. They need to be fought for and protected because if we lose them we may NEVER get them back.

So, making hay while the sun shines, we here at MCS-International.Org's "Video Vault" hope to bring you a library of the best video's "out there" on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and everything else related to it. What is more we hope to do that in an holistic, multi-level and increasingly "Integral" kind of way.

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