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Avoiding Toxic Chemicals
Toxic Chemicals Symbol There is simply no substitute for diligently avoiding exposure to toxic, synthetic chemicals. Whether you suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity ( MCS ), some other form of Chemical Injury (C I ), or even if you are still in good health (so far), please always endeavour to keep as many toxic synthetic chemicals out of your life and your living, working and recreational environments as you possibly can. Toxic chemicals are health, life, and environment destroyers - full stop!.

In order to do this you of course have to know what these toxic, synthetic chemicals are - and where they are to be found. It may surprise you to learn that these toxic chemical are often lurking invisibly right under our innocent and largely unsuspecting noses. So, the first priority is obviously to get yourself and your loved one's well informed on this absolutely health-crucial matter. MCS-International will strive to do it's best to help you as much as it can with that.
As dangerous as many of these ubiquitous toxic chemicals are to our health (and even our lives) in and of themselves, their solitary impact on us, while very substantial, pales to relative insignificance when compared to the synergistic and accumulative effects that this typical daily cocktail of toxic chemicals will have on us ALL sooner or later. Incredibly, it seems to be the case that there is simply no government funded scientific research going on ANYWHERE into the inevitable and health-devastating "synergistic effects" that these toxic chemical combinations are having both on the inside of us as individuals and on our living, working, recreational, and wild environments.  If you know different - then please do tell us.

Hazardous Hand Image So then, having identified at least the main chemical culprits in your life - and in the lives of your loved ones too - what then? Well, you should immediately start a life-long, health-reinforcing habit of replacing ALL your identified "chemical culprits" with safe, non-toxic, natural alternatives whereever this possible. All you need now to get you started doing this is the basic "what", "where" and "how" - and MCS-International will provide you with all those. Begin that important journey NOW by clicking on the "Action Page" link below.
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