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Understanding Chemical Intorerance

By Don Richard Paladin

Image for illustrations purposes only "With some researchers suggesting as many as 15% of our population have chemical intolerance or chemical sensitivity, one wonders why our government has done little to prevent many people from becoming chemically injured.

There are many people world wide who have become disabled by chemicals their bodies do not seem to be able to detoxify.(2) Many of us are involved in a network of chemically injured people world wide who are trying to bring understanding and justice to this issue. Those who are opposed to recognition of chemical injury are very well organized with access to many resources that have been used to prevent research and recognition of Chemical Intolerance(CI) and chemical injury.(3)(4) They created their own network, it appears to some, to prevent recognition of chemical injury. Because the financial stakes are so high, they have effectively gone after advocates of the chemically injured. The opposition to recognition of CI appear to have the odds in their favor. Unfortunately for them they do NOT have truth on their side. We seek your understanding of chemical intolerance so that we can find safe alternatives to the toxic synthetics man has created and to do no harm to anyone with man-made synthetics.

We would like to focus on a sub-population of the chemically injured because information and understanding about pesticide intolerance to organophosphate poisons will be the crack of light that leads to complete understanding of this issue. Once we acknowledge and understand that pesticides are poisons and not allergens that must be detoxified by enzymes, then we will be closer to explaining why some people cannot tolerate these toxicants.

One of the biggest problems when adding a new level of understanding to accepted conventional knowledge is getting the gatekeepers of conventional knowledge to admit that their systems and understanding are not complete. Unfortunately, many who appoint themselves as GATEKEEPERS of conventional wisdom, are often more oriented to the power of the information they have already learned rather than comprehending and extending knowledge of new information. The allopathic medical diagnostic protocol allows the allopath to sort out illnesses they don't understand from their biomedical model into those generated by the mind. It relieves them of the responsibility of treating someone difficult to treat because they do not respond to the treatment of symptoms by drugs..."

How To Get A Copy

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