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Chemical Pollution

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Chemical Sensitivity in Womb

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Toxic Lobby
How the Chemical Industry is Trying to Kill REACH

By Greenpeace International

Toxic Lobby - How the chemical industry is trying to kill REACH - by Greenpeace International "A high level of protection for consumers and the environment was the aim in 1998 when the Council of Environment Ministers recognised the urgent need for common legislation regulating the over 100,000 chemicals registered in Europe. The intention was to gather and make public more information about chemical substances and to protect consumers and the environment from the most hazardous ones.

REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals), the proposed reform of the EU chemicals policy, has won support from a broad alliance of health, environmental, labour, women’s and consumer organisations, as well as from a growing number of retailers and manufacturers (small and medium-sized enterprises and multinationals) who buy and use chemicals in their products. However, it has also triggered vocal resistance by the powerful European chemicals industry.

This reform has become one of the most intensely lobbied pieces of legislation in EU history. This investigative report from Greenpeace shows how vested interests sought to first delay, attack and then undermine the aims and the substance of the reform at every stage of the decision-making process."p4

"It has now been scientifically demonstrated that there is indeed a link between chemical products and the appearance of diseases, such as cancers, infertility, degenerative diseases of the central nervous system and allergies"7 CPME - Standing Committee of European Doctors 2005".  p6

"The strongest promise of REACH is its potential to identify and phase out the most hazardous chemicals by requiring their substitution with safer alternatives wherever possible (“substitution principle”). This solution-oriented requirement would offer a precautionary approach to protect our health and environment. It would replace the current system which is based on establishing “safe” levels of chemical exposure. Attempts to establish safe exposure levels and effect thresholds are flawed..." p7

How To Get A Copy

Click Here for a Copy of this 24 Page PDF Document
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