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Engaging with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity ( MCS )

By Professor Malcolm Hooper PhD, B Pharm, C Chem, MRIC
Cheif Scientific Advisor to the Gulf War Veterans

Blood Brain Barrier illustration from Engaging with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity by Professor Malcolm Hooper "Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, MCS, was first officially recognised in Germany and is now included in its edition of the WHO's International Classification of Diseases, ICD-10, under the code T 78.4. Interestingly, this code is for "allergy, otherwise not specified".

The recent report "Allergy the Unmet Need", Royal College of Physicians, June 2003, records the huge increase in allergy in the UK with 1 person in 3 suffering some form of allergy, a total of 18 million people. Of these 18 million some 3 million suffer from severe allergies which can be life-threatening and require emergency treatment.

The release of the Royal College of Physician's report coincided with the publication of, another very large report, the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, 24th Report, "Chemicals in Products - Safeguarding the Environment and Human Health."  This report identifies the need for a proper understanding of the health effects of novel chemicals widely used in society and distributed ubiquitously in the environment. Some 30,000 chemicals with little or no toxicology now need to be assessed, an enormous undertaking.

In the USA official recognition has come in the form of reports from the Department of Justice, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Department of Education, which accept MCS as a legitimate condition for their purposes, CFIDS Chronicle, 1997. Medical resistance to MCS has begun to evaporate among the American College of Physicians..."  (Note: Quoted from page 1).

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