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The Best Pest Control II
An Encylopedia of Non-Toxic Pest Control Strategies

By Stephen L Tvedten

The Best Control 2 by Stephen L Tvelden "The Best Control 2 is a reference manual based on exhaustive research in the field of nontoxic pest control or IPM. This guide will teach you how to implement nontoxic alternatives to pesticides safely and easily by yourself. This information is provided as a free resource to encourage the spread of safe alternatives to chemical poisons, and thus reduce contamination to ourselves and pollution to our environment."

"In 2001, it was reported we now use over 4.5 billion pounds of "registered" pesticide poisons annually in just the U. S. A. Since 1965 over 4 million distinct chemical compounds have been reported in scientific literature. As of 1981, over 3,000 have been "intentionally" added to our food and over 700 have been found in drinking water. Add to this literally tons of volatile pesticide poisons, petrochemicals, radiation, industrial pollution, exhaust, medical drugs that are daily added to the toxic brew and you find an unbelievable toxic chemical and poison avalanche greatly inundating the human race in a relatively short time of evolutionary history.

Zane Gard, M.D. has noted that current clinical, scientific and governmental studies indicate a staggering increase in the incidence of environmentally induced illnesses. Four major factors responsible for this toxic outbreak are: (1) discrepancies and miscalculations in established "safety" standards for "allowable" contamination and/or poison tolerances, (2) inadequate toxicity data that ignores the entire poison formula and synergism, (3) "approved" use of many toxic substances in this Country as 'inerts" or active ingredients that have already been banned here or in other countries as active ingredients and/or as known threats to human health, and (4) the lack of formalized training of physicians in medical toxicology. The total toll on human suffering is incalculable at the present time, as current statistical data does not include the dangers of "inerts", metabolites, synergisms, contaminants, impurities, etc., non-occupational exposures, differing health conditions and tolerances and ages and sexes, nor does the current statistical data consider cumulative, interactive, or long-term (chronic) exposure effects."

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