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An Invitation

Caring Hands photo Hello!  Have modern chemicals damaged your health or the health of someone you care about?  If so would you like to share that story with the rest of the world in order to help others avoid the similar chemical damage to their health or the health of their children?  Yes?  Excellent!  Then you can do exactly that here.

This section of the MCS International web site endeavours to provide a central and growing world-wide platform (and permanent archive) for the free, subjective, unrestricted expression of the chemically injured individual on the impact of toxic chemicals on their health, relationships, and life in general.  Hopes, fears, theories, needs, nuggets of wisdom gleaned along the way; expressions of anger or rage, or perhaps deep feelings of compassion for all who suffer.  Whatever unique perspective your personal encounter with chemical injury has given you it has been hard won and is of considerable value. We'd very much like you to consider sharing it here for the benefit of all who may find their way to it. Even if you have shared your story elsewhere previously please still consider sharing it here too.

Blow The Whistle On The Toxic Chemicals In Your Life

Whistle photo This is a golden chance to tell YOUR chemical injury story YOUR way.  You don't have to have good writing skills and you needn't worry about good spelling, grammar or punctuation.  We can help you with that stuff if you like. Alternatively, we will be just as happy to tell your story exactly as you expressed it - warts and all - if that is what you prefer.  Either way, the important thing is to share the hard-won experiences of your toxic chemical journey for the benefit of others who might otherwise tread - in the false bliss of ignorance - the same toxic path to damaged health as yourself.  Your story really CAN make a BIG difference - perhaps even to great many people - but only if you share it. Long or short your story matters. Give it a permanent home here.

Important Notice

The views expressed within the MCS and Chemical Injury stories provided here are the views of each individual story author and are are not to be construed as necessarily being the views of either the MCS-International founder, its Campaign Coordinators or Representatives, its Professional Advisors, or any of its Allied Organisations ( MICAGO ).

Additionally, the MCS and Chemical Injury stories provided here are strickly for educational purposes only and must not, under any circumstances, be construed as constituting medical advice of any kind.  If you have a medical health problem you are strongly advised by MCS International to seek the help and advice of a fully qualified health care professionalPlease Read Our Disclaimer.  Please also note that in all cases the copyright of each MCS and/or Chemical Injury story offered here remains the exclusive property of the individual responsible for its creation.

If you are the author of an MCS or Chemical Injury story currently being offered here, and you object to your story being made freely available to the public via MCS International, then please email our Webmaster and let us know; we will immediately remove your story from our "Stories" web page(s). Alternatively, if you are the author of an MCS or Chemical Injury story that you would like to make available here via our "Stories" page(s) then, again, please email us. Perhaps, instead, you have simply seen a great MCS or Chemical Injury story elsewhere that you feel would be of benefit to our visitors and you would like to see it made available here too in our Stories page(s)?  Great!  Do please email us and let us know all about it.

Finally, please also report any broken article links you may find here.  Thank you for visiting MCS-International's "Articles" page(s).  Happy reading...

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My Personal Story

John Lea View Article 001
My Personal Story

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