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28th of March 2008: Issue 7

Dear Subscriber

Welcome to Issue 7 of our Newsflash Newsletter. Although most of you will already know that our new web site went live early in the new year I held back from officially announcing this anywhere outside of MCS International until I could go live with our new "About Us" pages, as these were to contain, among many other things, our new "Meet The Team" section. Well, all Meet The Team mini-bio pages are now finally in place (except for around a half dozen that are STILL to submit them - hint, hint). So, I can now start broadcasting our new site everywhere and anywhere that will listen and, hopefully, attract many more visitors to MCS International's considerably increased resources; around 220 video's, 130 files for downloading, and around 100 web links to further material of interest.

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MICAGO Update:  With our MICAGO Initiative back out of cold storage, dusted down and given a substantial re-write and a shiny new section on our site, I am very pleased to say that, this month, we have have had two new MICAGO Members join our growing international coalition (based around the MICAGO Declaration). First up is Nicki Greenham's UK based Chemical Free, and the latter is Dr Pamela Reed-Gibson and her MCS Research Team of James Madison University, Virginia, USA. Pamela is still looking for participants for her latest MCS research project so, if you live in the USA, please check out our news page on this - then participate in the MCS Research.

The Chemtrails Phenomena:  I must admit that when I first heard of chemtrails I was more than a little skeptical. For those of you who do not know anything about them chemtrails are the contrail-like smoke trails from aircraft which, unlike normal contrails, do not dissipate into invisibility within a few minutes of forming. Instead they linger for hours, slowly spreading out across the sky creating a pale oily haze. Unlike normal contrails, chemtrails are also said to contain toxic chemicals and even mysterious biological materials. Chemtrail investigators are now saying that the atmosphere of the entire planet is affected by them, and worse still, the frequency of the phenomena is increasing drastically. As MCS sufferers isn't this something that we should all be looking into with an honest and open mind?

Try these 3 videos and Google Search link - and be prepared for a bumpy ride: First off is a video from German TV News. Next up comes a surprising admission from the UK Government on the matter of conducting aerosol spraying experiments on the UK public. Finally a comprehensive and alarming "wake-up call" documentary on the phenomena - Aerosol Crimes.

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The Video Vault:  Hear the inspirational account of a scientists encounter with "The Mystical" via the unlikely means of a devastating stroke - My Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor. Do you or any of your loved ones fly a lot? Yes? Then watch this - Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines. If you haven't already seen it check out our MICAGO colleague Dianna Buckland's new MCS video In Peril: Chemically Injured And finally, to end on a note that is all warm, pink and wonderfully fluffy, you simply have to check out this video - The Amazing Hug. And that's it folks for Issue No-7. Until next time, keep safe and well...

Towards a toxin free future

Gordon D McHendry
Founder & Campaign Coordinator

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