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31st of January 2008: Issue 6
Dear Subscriber

Welcome to our new NEWSFLASH newsletter.  We hope you like the new look.  NEWSFLASH has been optimised for use with MIcrosoft's Outlook Express email software and may not display as intended in other email software (do let us know).  We would also like to take this oportunity to let you know about our forthcoming new newsletter RED ALERT.  Issue 1 of RED ALERT will be shipping out on its maiden voyage to your inbox around the middle of February (hopefully a bit sooner) and will be dealing specifically with severe toxic dangers as they come to light.  And, what is more, you need do nothing at all in order to recieve this "early warning system" of a newsletter!  As an existing and much valued subscriber to NEWSFLASH, you will automatically receive all RED ALERT's too.

Correction:  Back In NEWSFLASH 5 it was reported that Gillian McCarthy's solicitor had applied on her behalf to South Somerset District Council for planning permission regarding The Stop Gap site. This was NOT in fact the case.  The planning permission application had actually been made on Gillian's behalf by architect Dan Stainer-Hutchins.  Please note therefore that Gillian's solicitor - Phil Jennings of SHELTER - played no part in said planning permission application.  My apologies for any inconvenience this factual error may have caused.

Architect Dan Stainer-Hutchins:  MCS International would like to thank Dan for the substantial pro bono work he has done on Gillian McCarthy's behalf.  Dan has produced a draft template for cheap, affordable MCS safe housing which, given the chance, could offer District Councils (like Somerset), that are seemingly mystified by the authentic medical needs of MCS suffers (especially severe sufferers like Gillian), a viable means of fulfilling their legal (and moral) obligations to provide suitable and affordable housing.  We hope to be able to bring you more on this important "MCS Safe Housing" endeavour in the not too distant future. Meantime, if anyone out there feels they may have something of value to offer to any aspect of that project then please contact me about it. 

Video Vault:  Got 60 seconds to spare?  Treat yourself to this short video on alternatives to pesticides:  S.W.A.T.

Towards a toxin free future

Gordon D McHendry
Founder & Campaign Coordinator

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