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Thursday the 17th of April 2008

United Farm Workers Logo

Toxic Chemicals Threatening Farm Worker Children
We Need Your Help

UFW Toxic Pesticides and Farm Worker Children Appeal Farm worker children are being put at daily risk of neurological and developmental damage due to four deadly organophosphate pesticides.

These toxic pesticides were derived from nerve gas developed during World War II. The four organophosphates at issue are methidathion, oxydemeton-methyl, methamidophos, and ethoprop and are primarily used in California on a wide variety of fruit, vegetable, and nut crops.

These toxic chemicals pose a danger to everyone, but especially to rural children and families when these four pesticides drift into schoolyards, outdoor play areas, and homes. The EPA has acknowledged the danger, but has done nothing to protect the public.

The health of farm workers and their children is much too important to leave up to bureaucracy. We can't wait any longer, so last week the UFW and a coalition of farmworker advocates and environmental groups filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to stop the continued use of these four deadly chemicals.

The UFW is doing all we can to protect farm workers and their children. That is why we filed this lawsuit, however we want the EPA to do something now instead of subjecting farm workers to years of litigation. Tell them to just to do their job and to protect the public.

Please e-mail the EPA today and tell them to ban these four toxic pesticides immediately. Stop putting children's health at risk.

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Press Release On Lawsuit

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