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Sunday the 4th of January 2009

A Scientific Review of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Identifying Key Research Needs

Working Draft Report by NICNAS and OCS November 2008

A Scientific Review of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Identifying Key Research Needs Guidance For Input:  This draft report on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) represents a snapshot of current understandings with regards to aetiology, diagnosis, modes of action and current treatment and management.

A strong message from this report is that although MCS has been studied and subject to review over the past 25 years, there is need for further focused fundamental research on MCS.

The main aim for seeking reader input to the draft report at this stage is to ensure the report has broad coverage of all available scientific literature and technical information so as to better identify the priority areas for research on MCS. There may be further studies and available scientific papers for a number of areas covered by the review. For example, reports of additional research into proposed underlying causes of MCS such as studies detailing genetic predispositions and other biochemical models are important to fully identify.

So as not to further delay the public release of the report, we advise that we now seek input to this working draft, particularly on the areas of modes of action, clinical aspects of MCS and related technical/scientific information.

To facilitate input, the report poses questions at various points in the report to assist with required information and comment.

It is important for the finalization of this report that factual comment and additional scientific information on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is now provided to NICNAS/OCS.

Comments and additional information can be sent via email to - or by mail to:

MCS Report,
GPO Box 58,
Sydney NSW 2001.

Full Copy of Draft Report   and its  NICNAS Corrections Sheet

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