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MCS International News Pages
Wednesday 3rd of December 2008

MCS International TV Launches Today!

MCS International is 3 years old today - the 24th anniversary of the terrible Bhopal Chemical Disaster. To mark the occasion we have launched a 24-7 TV broadcasting station with full real-time live broadcasting capability always on ready-to-go standby. An embedded version is shown below constantly broadcasting a short selection of relevant pre-recorded material - which will be added to on a regular basis.

Of course we hope to add some good live-broadcast stuff too in the near future - as familiarity with the wonderful technology involved develops. Speaking of which: if there are any kindly volunteer types out there with experience of - or even just a sincere interest in - video production for Internet TV broadcasting, then please do get in touch. We'd love to hear from you. The opportunities this kind of worldwide, round-the-clock, communication technology offers, are truly astounding - and very, very exciting! Especially in terms of getting our multiple chemical sensitivity and general chemical injury message across to a largely sleepwalking - albeit rapidly awakening - international population.

If you look at the controls on the player above you will notice that in addition to the Full Screen button there is also a Chat button. Clicking on this will bring up a Live Chat Window (over the existing video window area) that is instantly usable without the need for any kind of registration process. It's very easy to use so please support us some by giving it a try - even if just to say hello (always appreciated).

Below said buttons you will see an On-Air button (highlighted) and an On-Demand button (ghosted). Clicking on the latter will bring up a library menu of video files for immediate viewing anytime - including those videos that are on "constant broadcast". This On-Demand section will be substantially added to on an ongoing basis in the form of various channels like Alternative Health, Overlapping Illnesses, etc. Please feel free to suggest future content for these sections at any time.

Please also feel free to embed our TV player on your own web site for an instant hassle free library of over 320 individual video files (and growing) at the time of writing (via the ON DEMAND button on the player), with a 24/7 easy access chat room facility too. We want the whole international MCS/CI/EI (and related) communities to benefit from the huge amount of work that has gone into manifesting this outstanding, portable, small-footprint, maintenance-free resource. All gain - no pain!

How To Embed Our TV Player On Your Web Site
The simplest way is to click on the EMBED button on the player above. This will copy the short paragraph of web page code to your PC's clipboard so that you can easily cut/copy/paste it into the desired web page on your site. Upload your updated web page and that is it! You will then have a huge video library on your site that your MCS/CI/EI visitors are bound to appreciate. Alternatively, you can simply copy the web page code given below - as a gift from us - to the chemically injured everywhere!

Try Visiting Our 24/7 Broadcasting Web Page with Easy-Use Chat Room

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