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Wednesday the 9th of June 2010

Over 100 countries have visited our web site so far!

Earth Rotating Animation Algeria -America - Antigua - Argentine Republic - Australia Austria - Azerbaijani - Barbuda - Belarus - Belgium - Bosnia Brazil - Bulgaria - Burkina Faso - Bermuda - Canada - Caymen Islands - Chile - China - Cocos Islands - Columbia - Costa Rica Côte d'Ivoire - Croatia - Cyprus - Czech Republic - Denmark Dominican Republic - Egypt - Estonia - Ecuador - Fiji - Finland France - Germany - Georgia - Ghana - Greece - Greenland Guatemala - Herzegovina - Hong Kong - Hungary - Iceland - India - Indonesia - Ireland - Israel - Italy - Japan - Kazakhstan Kenya - Korea -Kyrgyz Republic - Latvia - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Malaysia - Mauritius - Mexico - Moldova - Morocco - Nepal - Netherlands - New Calidonia - New Zealand - Niue - Norway - Pakistan - Panama - Paraguay - Peru - Philippines - Poland - Portugal - Romania - Russian Federation - Saudi Arabia - Samoa - Singapore - Slovak Republic - Slovenia - South Africa Soviet Union - Spain - Sri Lanka - Sweden - Switzerland - Taiwan - Thailand - Tonga - Turkey - Tuvalu - Uganda - Ukraine - United Arab Emirates - United Kingdom - Uruguay - Venezuela - Viet Nam - Yugoslavia - Zimbabwe.  And finally, the US Military and the United States Federal Government Agencies.

Note:  The geographical information provided above is determined entirely independent of MCS International. These statistics are recorded by - a highly respected and multi- award winning web site hosting company - who use their own specialised "Top Level Domain" server statistics software to do that.  Representatives urgently needed for most countries above

What's New at MCS International

A new scientific toxicology paper by Prof Martin Pall establishes MCS as being a disease caused by exposure to toxicants (see "Main MCS News Menu" top left)..... We would like to warmly welcome Samwel Zacharia Kingi to our growing international team as our new Country Coordinator for Kenya, Africa - and Gloria Jean Cheever too who is our new state representative for Oregon..... Big welcomes also to Greenland, Kyrgyz Republic, Panama and Venezuela as the most recent new countries to start visiting MCS International.....

Our new Top 20 section is now fully functional complete with its own visitor interaction section "Have Your Say". This allows visitors to easily provide us with feedback on the Top 20 pages and recommend personal favourites as future Top 20 entries! And don't miss our new Volunteer Section Page.

Next up comes our extensive, muliti-sectioned Video Vault. Covering the very best of what's available "out there" in the way of MCS news,  Alternative HealthOverlapping IllnessesDetoxing,  EMF's and other  Hazardous Radiations. And that is just for starters!  The Spiritual Dimension,  and paradigm stretching sections like  Integral Perspectives  and  Beyond Convention  are there too. MCS International also gets its own Video News section called "VideoFlash" to compliment our NewsFlash newsletter. "The MCS Video Diaries" will offer all MCS International coordinators, representatives, and members the chance to make video contributions to help promote understanding of MCS and all other forms of Chemical injury. And finally, to counterbalance all that good serious stuff and to pamper you a bit because we love you, we have added a cool Chill Out section as well!

Special "Country Level" Recruitment Invitations

Gordon D McHendry, MCS International Founder, 2006 Gordon D McHendry

Founder & Campaign Coordinator

Email me here

Chemical Injury Knows No National Boundaries
This urgent UK call goes out to the chemically injured and/or the environmentally concerned of Wales and Northern Ireland to please come forward and complete our 2 remaining UK posts for Country Coordinators.   Please Apply Here

Europe you too are equally important to us. France - Germany - Italy - Norway - Sweden - Denmark - Greece.   Apply Here

The MCS International Coalition of Allied Groups and Organisations
Do you run a group or organisation, or even just a web site, that is concerned with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), Chemical Injury (CI), Environmental Illness (EI), or perhaps just environmental issues in general?  Perhaps you run an Alternative Health Information site or one simply pointing out the toxic dangers of certain consumer products, allopathic drugs or vaccinations? If so then you should be aware of The MICAGO Declaration and its cost-free invitation to join its growing international coalition.

Read the MICAGO Declaration above then visit our new Allied Groups and Organisations web pages now - and see how you can get your site/group/organisation listed and promoted there.

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