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The MICAGO Initiative

Background Information

World Unity Symbol World Unity Symbol The MICAGO Initiative was initially launched with a half dozen or so founding members in February 2006. All of these enterprising founding members can be still found in the present MICAGO Members page.

After a promising start the development of this new unifying initiative stalled, due largely to some very substantial personal health issues and the consequent refocusing of what were already very limited health/energy resources. Almost 2 years further down the line however, I am happy to report that the climate of priorities has now changed sufficiently to allow for a renewed focus on the continuing development of the whole MICAGO initiative - for Unity.

MICAGO In A Nutshell

As you have probably learned already from our MICAGO Declaration page ( or its downloadable PDF version ),  MICAGO is an acronym for MCS International Coalition of Allied Groups and Organisations. The MICAGO Initiative is a virtual gathering space of groups and organisations, large and small, who resonate with the MICAGO Declaration. It is for those who want to be counted in a stand-up public display of unity and support for the MICAGO Declaration's clear demand for the honouring of basic human rights regarding the reckless proliferation of toxic, synthetic chemicals in the world today, and their inevitable destructive impact on human, animal and environmental health.

The invitation to join the MICAGO Initiative is open to groups and organisations of all kinds with the only requirement being said "resonance" with its open declaration. There are no binding commitments of any kind and any future Coalition endeavours will be on an easy and transparent "opt in/opt out" basis. Joining is free and easy - and so is leaving. See our MICAGO FAQ for more details - then stand up and be counted with us. Join us in Unity today!
Don't Let This Chance Pass Us By

The MICAGO Declaration, and the coalition that are forming a new oasis of unity and positivity around it, offers a golden and much needed opportunity for - and a viable means of - transcending that hostile and cause-defeating desert of seemingly never ending disputes that all to often plague substantial sections within the international community of the chemically injured (by whatever name).

The chemically injured EVERYWHERE (for the problem is an international one) are hereby invited to make of this unique, win-win offer - of "a new oasis of unity" - a place where ALL personal and "Cause" related issues can be left, even if only for a while, at this new community door on the way in. They are invited to make of it a place were it truly can be said that "Here, in this place at least, I voluntarily suspend ALL my "issues" in the service of a much greater good; Unity of common cause! That here at least there shall be no dragons".

It was to these ends that I wrote the MICAGO Declaration. It was to these ends that I formed the MICAGO Initiative. And it is to these ends that I offer them now and invite you to join us. Together we really can create a strong, unassailable island of Unity, amid the endless stormy seas of fragmentation and negativity that constantly seek to divide us. MICAGO gives us a good means to achieve that - and more. Support it. What have you got to lose?

Gordon D McHendry
Founder & Campaign Coordinator

Join us NOW and make your voice (or voices) count for even more.

MICAGO:  MCS International Coalition of Allied Goups and Organisations

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