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FAQ For MICAGO Initiative Members

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World Unity Symbol World Unity Symbol Question:  We like the MICAGO Declaration and want to support that. Would we be expected to agree with MCS International's approach to dealing with the problems of MCS and Chemical Injury? Or be expected to support MCS International in any way in order to become a member of MICAGO?

Answer:  No - to both questions. Nor would MCS International or its MICAGO Members necessarily have to feel that they were in agreement with the focus, beliefs, or politics of your group or organisation. All are welcome in MICAGO.

Question:  We would like to join MICAGO but are a bit concerned about possibly finding ourselves in a position where we would be expected to work or cooperate with other MICAGO members with whom we may have issues. Would we be obliged to work with these groups?

Answer:  No. You would never have to deal with any other member of the MICAGO Initiative directly at any time. Nor support any petitions for coordinated coalition action on any specific issue made by any other MICAGO Initiative member. An easy "opt-out" will always be available.

Question:  Won't the Coalition have to get pretty large in order to be effective in any kind of worthwhile, practical way?

Answer:  Not necessarily. Of course the greater the force we can muster as an international coalition of the chemically injured and the environmentally concerned, in a visible public show of unity, then the more weight our actions will obviously carry, but that is not to say that actions based on a lesser weight are without value. Learning to walk before you try running is always a good idea. And even leaving the matter of "practical action" to one side for the moment, the visible, public show of a growing banner of unity among us, is of very considerable value in and of itself. This simple "banner of unity" aspect of the Coalition alone makes it worth the joining!

Question:  If our group or organisation joins MICAGO will we be able to nominate "issues" for possible campaigning action by the whole Coalition?

Answer:  Absolutely. When MICAGO reaches a sufficient stage of maturity then its thrust will expand from being a public show of unity and intent to include campaigning action. Although the first initiating action will be determined by MCS International (with said "opt-out" available as always for any group that wishes to exercise it), thereafter such "issue" nominations would be most welcome and prioritised by democratic polling on the exclusive MICAGO Forum which will be set up by MCS International as a primary/private means of communication for MICAGO.

Question:  Is there anything else you can tell us about joining MICAGO?

Answer:  Your group will be promoted via our MICAGO Members page and, in addition to password protected access to our MICAGO Forum you will also receive regular updates via our MICAGO Newsletter emails.

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