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Become a Registered Supporter

Female volunteer photo Volunteers graphic MCS International Registered Supporters are usually Multiple Chemical Sensitivity ( MCS ) sufferers or someone who suffers from some other form of Chemical Injury who, due to his or her poor health, is simply not able to take an active role in the work of MCS International, but who wishes none-the-less to support us and the works we do in some way.

Additionally, our Registered Supporters also come from family members, carers, friends, neighbours and colleagues of a Multiple Chemical Sensitivity ( MCS )or Chemical Injury (CI ) sufferer who, due to pre-existing commitments on time, are simply not able to take an active role in the work of MCS International but who still wish to support us and our work. Becoming one of our valued Registered Supporters is an ideal way of doing just that.

Most welcome here too is anyone else who simply wants to "nail their colours to the mast" in a clear, easy and helpful way, in constructive protest against the utterly reckless proliferation of toxic chemicals into every nook and cranny of our personal lives and our living, working and recreational environments.

Joining our growing band of valued Registered Supporters is an excellent, commitment-free way of saying, in no uncertain way, that you really do care about the crucially important issues that MCS International seeks to address. And that you appreciate the kind of information and support services that MCS International makes available to all who are able to find there way to it.

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Become a Campaign Representative

Volunteers graphic Business woman on the phone Campaign Representatives and Country Coordinators are the very backbone of the organisation. These caring volunteers undertake to fight, under the banner of MCS International, for full social, medical and legal recognition of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity ( MCS ) - and Chemical Injury ( CI ) by whaterver name - as real physical illnesses, caused primarilly by exposure to toxic synthetic chemicals.

Whenever possible these essential volunteers also undertake to provide whatever relevant and worthwhile news, articles and other multi-media material they discover to the MCS-International web site for archiving and/or publication there for the benefit of all. Whenever they can, they also undertake to recruit other Campaign Representatives, Registered Supporters, Professional Service Volunteers, as well as other relevant Allied Groups & Organisations, into the work of MCS International.  It should be noted here that this crucial recruitment element of our work is of particular importance when the post of Campaign Representative is undertaken at the "Country Coordinator" level.

Finally, our greatly valued Campaign Representatives undertake to promote, whenever they reasonably can, MCS International itself, both as a campaigning Chemical Injury organisation and as an information, news and resource web site for MCS, and CI sufferers, as well as sufferers from overlapping illness. For example by linking to the MCS-International web site if they have a web site of their own, and/or by encouraging other web sites to link to MCS International. Other useful promotional endeavours would include press, tv and radio coverage as well the strategic use of promotional posters and such like. And of course by using their official MCS International post title - with a link to our web site included - in all their MCS campaigning work by letter and email. It is ALWAYS worth remembering that even the very greatest of resources is utterly useless if nobody knows it is there!

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Become a Professional Service Volunteer

Professional Male Photo Volunteers graphic What are Professional Service Volunteers?  An MCS-International Professional Service Volunteer(PSV) will be a highly qualified professional in their chosen field, who cares strongly about the kind of issues MCS International seeks to address, and who wishes to donate a small, flexible portion of their spare time and professional skills to help MCS-International in its work.

What Are We Looking For?

Scientific Advisors General - Chemical Injury - Environmental Issues

Legal Advisors General - Environmental Issues - Human Rights

Health Care Professionals Allopathic - Complimentary - Alternative

IT Advisors Web Site Development and Promotion - Graphic Design - DTP - Internet Security

The above list of Professional Service Volunteers is by no means an exhaustive one.  If you think you have skills that would be of help to us in some way (eg; an abilty to code in html or create flash animations) then please get in touch with us.  We would be delighted to hear about your ideas.

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