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FAQ For Registered Supporters

Female volunteer photo Volunteers graphic Question:  I am not able to become a Campaign Representative or get involved much but I would still like to help out in some way . So, just what is a Registered Supporter?

Answer:  A Registered Supporter is someone who, just as you say, is not able to become actively involved in the work of MCS International but who wishes to support us in some way none-the-less. They do this by registering with us by completing our short on-line registration form via - It's as simple as that! And if you wish you can also make an optional donation there too!

Question:  Ok, if I have to do so little as a Registered Supporter how can I possibly be of any real help to the very important work that MCS International does?

Answer:  By becoming an MCS International Registered Supporter you contribute to our work in the following very important ways:
  1. First and foremost you are nailing your colours to the mast of MCS International in much valued support of our work. This empowers us to speak out loud and clear with increasing authority. Not just for you but also for the many, often isolated, chemical injury victims who would otherwise have no real voice of their own. Thus, by such a simple act of unity, we are ALL better served - and mutually empowered.

  2. You become a valuable resource that we can draw on from time to time when we, or a MICAGO member, or some other worthy "chemical injury" related organisation, launches an important petition or campaign. At such times we can email you for your vital support - which will most likely be as simple for you as adding your signature.

  3. As a valued MCS International Registered Supporter you automatically qualify for a free subscription to our electronic newsletters "Newsflash" and "Chemical Consequences" (when it launches). These will cover the best of the news from the world of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Environmental Illness, and all other forms of Chemical Injury, plus personal chemical injury related stories, the best of conventional and alternative health protocols, and much more. As a valued Registered Supporter you will also have the creative option of contributing to our newsletters yourself. Finally, you will be entitled to use our forum when it launches.
Question:  If I register as a supporter with you will you ever share my email address with 3rd parties?

Answer:  Never. From time to time WE will indeed contact you on behalf of other chemical injury related organisations and individuals to invite your support of them on some issue that WE deem worthy of it. However, the bottom line here is this: We will NEVER share your email address with anyone - for any reason. And you can really bank on that!

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