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FAQ For Campaign Representatives

Professional looking female on the telephone.Volunteers graphic Question:  I've read all about the important aims of MCS International and would really like to help as best I can - but my health is not too good. Basically I'm worried that I might not be able to contribute as often as you might expect. Should I still apply?

Answer:  Yes, absolutely! Many of us at MCS International are in poor health. Some quite seriously so. Sincerity of desire "to help" is key here. If that is present then the golden rule is simply this: "To do what you can, when you can, as well as you can". That, we assure you, will always be good enough for us at MCS International. No pressure ever!

Question:  I suffer from MCS and want to get involved, but I'm only 17. Can I still apply to be a Campaign Representative with you?

Answer:  No, I'm sorry - not just yet. All our Campaign Representatives must be 18 years of age or older. However, you would be welcome to apply again next year! Meantime, though you can certainly still get involved with us in a valuable way. You can join us as a Registered Supporter (see our FAQ on that for more details on how to apply).

Question:  I've looked through your excellent web site and it all looks very professional indeed. I've also read through your "Meet the Team" pages and all your volunteers seem very professional too. Even though I want to help, and feel that I do have things to offer, I'm not sure if I will measure up to such high standards. Should I still apply?

Answer:  Again, yes - absolutely! MCS and all other forms of Chemical Injury do not discriminate on the grounds of ability, race, colour or creed - and neither do we. If you can read, write and count to even basic standards, have regular access to the Internet, agree with the work that MCS International is doing, and are able to make firm and sincere commitment to our work - then we very much want you with us!

Question:  Do you have to suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), Environmental Illness (EI), or some other form of Chemical Injury (CI) to be able to join the MCS International team as a Campaign Representative?

Answer:  No. Personal experience of these illnesses would certainly be a help for obvious reasons - but it is not essential. Perhaps you simply know someone who suffers from one of these life crippling illnesses. Or perhaps you have a strong awareness of the dangers and damage to the planet and everything on it from the rampant and utterly reckless proliferation of toxic chemicals, and sincerely want to get involved and do something effective about it. Any of these reasons for applying would be perfectly acceptable to us. If in any doubt apply anyway and we will let you know.

Question:  I already belong to another MCS/EI/CI organisation. Would that be a problem?

Answer:  In many ways we welcome that as building MCS bridges is part of what we do. So, as long as we were satisfied there were no obvious conflicts of interest, then no.

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