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The Most Unhealthy Alliance

Today, as we stand in the dawn of a whole new millennium, we can now see that there has never been a greater or more urgent need for us to radically curtail the reckless - and nowadays even insane - excesses of our commercial enterprises; particularly our trans-national corporations.  Never has this been more true than in relation to the giant multi-national chemical corporations and their close and financially complimentary relatives the pharmaceutical companies.  While the former poisons everything, and everyone, everywhere on our beautiful planet, in its soul-less and endless pursuit of ever greater and greater profits, the latter then symbiotically medicates us - repeatedly - through the resulting and never-ending plague of chemically induced illnesses, to an utterly staggering degree of profit for both! These astronomically huge profits are the sole reason why they try so very hard to convince YOU that (a); their products are safe (or at the very least their toxins are within "acceptable safety limits") and (b); that the growing armies of the Dangerous Chemicals Sign chemically injured - of which this writer is an unashamed part - are somehow deluded, or even psychiatrically ill.  Of course the chemical injured are not psychiatrically ill at all - they are chemically injured. But what of the sociopath's who are relentlessly pushing a chemical armageddon at us?  And our leaders in politics and science who allow it?

What, if anything, you might reasonably ask, are our respective governments doing about the health devastating and often lethal dangers that this deadly duo (Big Agro-Chem and Big Pharma) are constantly exposing us too? What are our respective governments doing about the glaringly obscene financial relationship between these trans-national agrochemical companies and the trans-national pharmaceutical companies that is driving the whole chemical holocaust we are ALL speeding headlong into?

Well, for a start, they seem hell bent on banning whole ranges of essential vitamins and food supplements (for your own good you understand), and/or reducing dosage sizes to the realms of the negligible, rendering their health benefits ineffective right at the time when our foods have never been so nutritionally deficient AND chemically burdened! In tandem with all that they have either passed, are passing, or seeking to pass, laws for making life much easier for "Chemical Incorporated". Worse still, it seems they are even spawning away at "laws" to make "Chemical Incorporated" legally immune, past, present and future, from the health devastating and life-destroying consequences of their morally bankrupt actions!  Now, I ask you - did you ever vote for that manifesto?

We Reap What We Sow

What does it say about a society that stands by and allows such things to happen?  What does it say about a society when some of its most medically ostracized and socially stigmatised members are often the ones fighting the hardest, despite having the least health and financial resources, for a more holistic, integrated, and sane approach to health and the environment?  Perhaps more importantly, what does it say about our so-called democratically elected governments and our long-trusted medical professionals when, more and more, they themselves are seen to be a big part of "the problem", when in fact they are supposed to be our rather handsomely paid sources of "the solution"?

To paraphrase Edmund Burke (1729-1797) - All that is required for evil to flourish is that good people do nothing.  We are already standing on the very brink of a global chemical holocaust  right now - RIGHT NOW.  Will we continue to do nothing in great enough numbers until, at last, all our very worst chemical nightmares finally come true?  Tragically, perhaps in the end we actually will. However, there is still time. Unless your name happens to be Nero and you play the fiddle very well, we each, as individuals, have to make a very important choice on where we stand - RIGHT NOW.  Prevarication and procrastination are luxuries we can simply no longer afford.

Like my colleagues at MCS International and its allied groups and organisations (MICAGO) - and a great many others too worldwide - I have already confronted this issue as head-on as I am able and made my choice.  Rather than stick our heads in the sand, or meander optimistically on as part of the problem, we have all chosen, in our different ways, and often despite crippling health problems, to try and play at least some worthwhile part in consigning these terrible, health-hostile practices of the trans-national chemical and pharmaceutical industries, to the deepest and darkest annals of our history.  But our numbers - worldwide - are not yet great enough. So I ask you;  please help us to play our part in that great collaborative, international effort, in any way that you can.  Even if that is only by making a small donation to help with the funding and development of MCS-International.Org. Thank you.

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