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Environmental Toxins graphic showing a large industrial chimney spewing smoke into the sky. The views expressed within the download files provided here are the views of each individual file author or authors and are are not to be construed as necessarily being the views of either MCS-International.Org's Founder, its Campaign Coordinators or Representatives, its Professional Advisors, or any of its MICAGO Members.

The download files provided here are strickly for educational purposes only and must not, under any circumstances, be construed as constituting medical advice of any kind.  If you have a medical health problem you are strongly advised by MCS International to seek the help and advice of a fully qualified health care professionalPlease Read Our Disclaimer.  Please also note that in all cases the copyright of each download file being offered here (under a Banner Of Fair Use) remains the exclusive property of the individual(s) responsible for its creation.

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Ref File Title, Author & Web Site File Type File Size Action Ref
"Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: A 1999 Consensus"
by Archives of Environmental Health

PDF Icon
364 KB 051
"Poisoning Our Children"
by Friends of the Earth

PDF Icon
66.1 KB 052
"The Bug Stop Here"
by Stephen L Tvedten
See Also - The Best Pest Control II

PDF Icon
1.24 MB 053
"Dioxin, PVC, and Health Care Institutions"
by Health Care Without Harm

PDF Icon
94.6 KB 054
"Strategic Approaches to Indoor Air Policy Making"
by WHO European Centre for Environment and Health

PDF Icon
1.46 MB 055
"Substitute With Style"
by Greenpeace International

PDF Icon
2.04 MB 056
"The Healing Power of Water"
An Interview of Dr Batmanghelidj by Mike Adams

PDF Icon
1.89 MB 057
"PBDE's, Cats and Children"
by Kellyn Betts
American Chemical Society

PDF Icon
21.4 KB 058
"Swimming in Chemicals"
by Greenpeace Research Laboratories, Exeter, UK

PDF Icon
1.78 MB 059
"Mycoplasma: The Linking Pathogen in Neurosystemic Diseases"
by Donald W Scott MA, MSc
Nexus Magazine

PDF Icon
56.3 KB 060
"Bibliography: Organic Physical Basis for MCS"
Compiled by Albert Donnay, MHS
MCS Referral & Resources

PDF Icon
69.2 KB 061
"Magnesium Deficiency in Patients with Chemical Sensitivity"
by William J. Rea, Alfred R. Johnson, Ralph E. Smiley, Ollie Dawkins-Brown

PDF Icon
37.5 KB 062
"The Truth About Aspartame, MSG and Excitotoxins "
by Mike Adams

PDF Icon
137 KB 063
"The Deadliest Air Polution isn't Being Regulated or even Meausured"
by Peter Montague
Rachel's Democracy & Health News

PDF Icon
73.3 KB 064
"Toxic Cocktail"
by Bijal Trivedi

PDF Icon
25.1 KB 065
"Integral Spirituality"
by Ken Wilber

PDF Icon
2.02 MB 066
"Chemical Warfare Hits Home"
by Greg Ciola

PDF Icon
767 KB 067
"Organic Additive Free Food"
by Pure Organics

PDF Icon
1.22 MB 068
"CFS Associated with Chronic Enterovirus Infection of Stomach"
by John K S Chia and Andrew Y Chia
Journal of Clinical Pathology

PDF Icon
344 KB 069
"Anonymous Complaints and the Texas Medical Board"
a letter by William J Rea M.D.  (see also 062 & 077)
Environmental Health Center Dallas

PDF Icon
27.7 KB 070
Engaging with M.E. DVD Slides for:   Google Version  and YouTube Version
by Professor Malcolm Hooper
Sunderland University

PDF Icon
4.72 MB 071
"Killing Them Softly"
by WWF International Artic Programme and WWF-DetoX
World Wildlife Fund

PDF Icon
298 KB 072
"MCS Newsflash Launch Issue:  Help Us Save Gillian McCarthy"
by Gordon D McHendry
MCS International Founder & Campaign Coordinator

PDF Icon
34 KB 073
"Modification of Chemically Induced Diabetes in Rats by Vitamin E"
by Alfred Slonim, Melanie Surber, David Page, Robert Sharp & Ian Burr
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

PDF Icon
1.08 MB 074
"The MELISA Allergy Blood Test"
by The MELISA Medical Foundation

PDF Icon
136 KB 075
"The Terror of Pediatric Medicine"
by Mark Sircus, Ac., O.M.D.
International Medical Veritas Association

3.94 MB 076
by Dr Sarah Myhill  (see also 070)
Doctor Myhill

PDF Icon
61 KB 077
"What Really Causes Alzheimers Disease"
by Harold D Foster

PDF Icon
850 KB 078
"What Really Causes Schizophrenia"
by Harold D Foster

PDF Icon
864 KB 079
"What Really Causes Aids"
by Harold D Foster

PDF Icon
748 KB 080
"Live with Dr Fred Baughman"
with Mike Adams

PDF Icon
206 KB 081
"Live with Cr Russell Blaylock"
with Mike Adams

PDF Icon
276 KB 082
"Review of Scientific Literature as it Pertains to GWS: Chapter 11"
by Beatrice Alexandra Golomb

PDF Icon
61.1 KB 083
"Accommodating Employees with Environmental Sensitivities"
by Debra Sine, Leslirae Rotor and Elizabeth Hare
Health Indoors Partnership

PDF Icon
444 KB 084
"The Integral Vision"  (First 3 Chapters)
by Ken Wilber
Shambhala Publications Inc

PDF Icon
1.95 MB 085
"New Medications Reminder Sheet"
by Healthwise

PDF Icon
465 KB 086
"Contaminated Without Consent"
Rachel Carson Memorial Lecture
Pesticide Action Network UK

PDF Icon
9.61 KB 087
"Electromagnetic Fields"
published in Medical Electronics

PDF Icon
143 KB 088
"Electromagnetic Fields 300HZ to 300GHZ"

PDF Icon
901 KB 089
"House of Lords 6th Report of Session 2006-07:  Allergy"
by the Science and Technology Committee
House of Lords

PDF Icon
724 KB 090
"Canaries or Cassandras?"
by Gillian McCarthy BSc. MBIAC
MCS International Regional Representative for Somerset, UK

PDF Icon
30.3 KB 091
"Summary of Public Comments Received for the MCS Report"
by National Center for Environmental Health
Center for Disease Control and Prevention

PDF Icon
364 KB 092
"Suppressing Cancerous Tumor Progression through Zen Meditation"
by Tiing Yu, Hui Ling Tsai, Ming Liang Hwang
American Journal of Chinese Medicine

PDF Icon
13.6 KB 093
"Causes for Concern:  Chemicals and Wildlife"
by Valerie Brown, M.S.
World Wildlife Fund DETOX Campaign

PDF Icon
445 KB 094
"Childhood Pesticide Poisoning:  Information for Advocacy and Action"
Prepared for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

PDF Icon
652 KB 095
"An Open Letter..."
by Gillian McCarthy BSc. MBIAC
MCS International Regional Representative for Somerset, UK

PDF Icon
116 KB 096
"MCS Newsflash 2:  Jane Bryant - A Most Personal Statement"
by Gordon D McHendry  (see 073 for issue 1)
MCS International Founder & Campaign Coordinator

MS Word Document Icon
77.5 KB 097
"The MCS Debate:  A Medical Streetfight"
by Eric Nelson
No Known Website

PDF Icon
26.3 KB 098
"Our Oceans are Turning into Plastic...Are We?"
by Susan Casey, Photographs by Gregg Segal
Best Life Magazine

PDF Icon
651 KB 099
"Allergy: The Unmet Need - A Blueprint for Better Patient Care"
by The Royal College of Physicians Working Party
Royal College of Physicians

PDF Icon
212 KB 100

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