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Environmental Toxins graphic showing a large industrial chimney spewing smoke into the sky. The views expressed within the download files provided here are the views of each individual file author or authors and are are not to be construed as necessarily being the views of either the MCS-International founder, its Campaign Coordinators or Representatives, or any of its MICAGO Members.

The download files provided here are strickly for educational purposes only and must not, under any circumstances, be construed as constituting medical advice of any kind.  If you havd a medical health problem you are strongly advised by MCS International to seek the help and advice of a fully qualified health care professionalPlease Read Our Disclaimer.  Please also note that in all cases the copyright of each download file being offered here (under a Banner Of Fair Use) remains the exclusive property of the individual(s) responsible for its creation.

If you are the author of a file being offered here, and you object to that file being made freely available to the public via MCS International, then please email us at and let us know; we will immediately remove your file from our page(s). Alternatively, if you are the author of information that you would like to make available via our downloads page then, again, please email us on the webmaster account given above.


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Ref File Title, Author & Web Site File Type File Size Action Ref
"The MICAGO Declaration"
by Gordon D McHendry

PDF Icon
29.6 KB 001
"MCS International Recruitment Poster"
by Gordon D McHendry

PDF Icon
921 KB 002
"FAQ for MCS International Camapign Representatives"
by Gordon D McHendry

PDF Icon
828 KB 003
"FAQ for MCS International Registered Supporters"
by Gordon D McHendry

PDF Icon
913 KB 004
"FAQ for MCS International Professional Service Volunteers"
by Gordon D McHendry

PDF Icon
759 KB 005
"FAQ for MICAGO Initiative Members"
by Gordon D McHendry

PDF Icon
816 KB 006
"Engaging with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity ( MCS )"
by Professor Malcolm Hooper
Sunderland University

PDF Icon
904 KB 007
"Pharamceutical Corporations Accused of Genocide"
by Dr Matthias Rath

PDF Icon
99.1 KB 008
"The Mental Health Movement:  Persecution of Patients?"
by Professor Malcolm Hooper
Sunderland University

PDF Icon
332 KB 009
"Pesticides In Your Food Poster"
by The Pesticide Action Network UK

PDF Icon
344 KB 010
"Chemically Induced Diseases"
by Richard Alexander
web site unknown

PDF Icon
38 KB 011
"Poison for Profit:  What a Business Plan"
by Ashley Simmons Hotz

PDF Icon
21.2 KB 012
"No Amnesty for Makers of Deadly Drugs"
by Dr Matthias Rath

PDF Icon
122 KB 013
"Toxic Lobby"
by Greenpeace

PDF Icon
723 KB 014
"Consuming Chemicals:  Hazardous Chemicals in House Dust..."
by Greenpeace

PDF Icon
321 KB 015
"Chemical Footprints in Blood:  The Evidence"
by Greenpeace

PDF Icon
1.82 MB 016
"A Present for Life:  Hazardous Chemicals in Umbilical Cord Blood"
by The World Wildlife Fund & Greenpeace  &

PDF Icon
341 KB 017
"Symptom Profile of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in Actual Life"
by Mariko Saito, MD, Hiroaki Kamano, MD, PHD, and others...
Psychosomatic Medicine 67:318-325 (2005)

PDF Icon
76 KB 018
"Gulf War Illness/Syndrome - Information For Clinicians"
by Professor Malcolm Hooper
Sunderland University

PDF Icon
156 KB 019
"Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS): What It Is, What It Is Not..."
by Sheila Bastien Ph.D.
Psychological Corp, Berkley, CA, USA

PDF Icon
52.4 KB 020
"Molecular Terrorism"
by Garry Tunsky

PDF Icon
24 KB 021
"The Pharmaceutical Racket"
by Ivan Fraser
The Truth Campaign

PDF Icon
81.7 KB 022
"Industry's Toxic Addiction"
by Pratap Chatterjee

PDF Icon
63 KB 023
"Understanding Chemical Intolerance"
by Don Richard Paladin
Washington State Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Network

PDF Icon
46.3 KB 024
"Chemicals, Allergies:  Doctors Speak Out"
by Dr Keith Eaton and Dr Honor Anthony
Friends of the Earth

PDF Icon
10.1 KB 025
"Multiple Chemical Sensitivity - The End of Controversy"
by Martin L Pall
School of Molecular Biosciences

PDF Icon
42 KB 026
"The Global Distribution of PCB's, Organochlorine Pesticides..."
by D. Santillo, R.L. Stringer and P.A. Johnston
Greenpeace Research Laboratories, University of Exeter, UK

PDF Icon
127 KB 027
"The Way Forward Out Of The Chemical Crisis"
by Authors: David Santillo, Paul Johnston and Axel Singhofen
Greenpeace Research Laboratories, University of Exeter, UK

PDF Icon
66.1 KB 028
"Europe's Water: An Indicator-based Assessment"
by S. Nixon, Z. Trent, C. Marcuello, C. Lallana and other contributors
European Environment Agency

PDF Icon
8.41 MB 029
"Magnesium Chloride In Acute And Chronic Diseases"
by Chris Gupta

PDF Icon
34 KB 030
"Cigarette Science"
by Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly
Index of Issues

PDF Icon
27 KB 031
"By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them"
by Phillip Day
The Mind Game

PDF Icon
42 KB 032
"Objective Evidence:  The Peg upon which all other Issues Hang "
by Martin Pall
The Poisoned Web Hub-Page

PDF Icon
36.3 KB 033
"MCS Under Seige"
by Ann McCampbell, MD
Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients

PDF Icon
64.3 KB 034
"MCS - The Poisoned WEB"
by Don Richard Paladin
The Poisoned Web Hub-Page

PDF Icon
49.5 KB 035
"Nitric Oxide/Peroxynitrite: : Mechanism for MCS, CFS, FM and GWS"
by Martin L Pall
School of Molecular Biosciences

PDF Icon
56.1 KB 036
"Flame Retardant Chemicals may Disrupt Thyroid System in Humans"
by Toxic Leaks (Jan 2001)
Web site unknown - please let us know

PDF Icon
10.5 KB 037
"Flame Retardant Chemicals Found in Breast Milk"
by Warren King
The Seattle Times

PDF Icon
8.66 KB 038
"Magnesium:  Research Misconduct?"
by Chris Gupta

PDF Icon
18.7 KB 039
"Magnesium Chloride for Health and Rejuvenation"
by Walter Last
Document Source

PDF Icon
41.3 KB 040
"Environmental Medicine Part 1"
by Walter J. Crinnion, ND

PDF Icon
52.6 KB 041
"Environmental Medicine Part 2"
by Walter J. Crinnion, ND

PDF Icon
40.7 KB 042
"Environmental Medicine Part 3"
by Walter J. Crinnion, ND

PDF Icon
67.5 KB 043
"Could Your Health Problems Be A Result Of... Toxic Chemicals?"
by Greg Ciola in an interview with Dr. Doris Rapp

PDF Icon
48.5 KB 044
"Integral Spiral Dynamics Chart"
Based on the work of: Graves, Beck, and Wilber
Formless Mountain

254 KB 045
"The Neverending Upward Quest"
by Jessica Roemischer
What is Enlightenment Magazine

PDF Icon
1.65 MB 046
"AQAL Chart: A Comprehensive Integral Map"
by Ken Wilber
Formless Mountain: AQAL

1.07 MB 047
"The Medical Perspective on Environmental Sensitivities"
by Margret E Sears, M.Eng, Ph.D
Canadian Human Rights Commission

PDF Icon
40.7 KB 048
"Fragile: Our Reproductive Health & Chemical Exposure"
by Greenpeace International

PDF Icon
379 KB 049
"Health Risks in Children Associated with Exposure to Chemicals"
by The World Health Organisation

PDF Icon
3.2 MB 050

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