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Disclaimer and Copyright


All the information provided on this web site is for educational and/or entertainment purposes only. None of this information should ever be taken as a substitute for diagnosis, advice and/or treatment by a fully qualified health-care professional.

Additionally, it should be clearly understood that the information presented on this web site comes from a wide variety of sources. Nothing, therefore, contained within that information should ever be necessarily construed as being endorsed by any particular individual, or group of individuals, within the MCS International Organisation or any of its MICAGO Initiative members.

Furthermore, while all reasonable care is taken to exclude factually inaccurate information and errors generally, it must also be clearly understood that all information provided here is provided "as is" with no guarantee given whatsoever as to its veracity. Therefore, you must, in all cases, use you own judgment in that respect and accept full responsibility for that judgement, as neither the founder of MCS International nor any of its campaign coordinators or representatives, nor any of its MICAGO Initiative members, can be held responsible for the consequences of any use to which you may decide to put any of said information. If in any doubt seek the help of a suitable, fully qualified professional.


MCS-International offers information from a wide variety of sources. Whenever health, time, and possibility allow we will always try to obtain written permission from the copyright holder of the material we wish to make available via our web site. Beyond this we will make such information available, as we think will be of benefit to the international community of the chemically injured, under a copyright banner of Fair Use, giving full credit to the copyright holder whenever that information is available to us. If your work is being reproduced on this site under the said banner of Fair Use, and you object to that use, simply email us with your objection and we will endeavor to immediately remove your work.

The copyright of all written, photographic, audio and video work created on this web site by MCS International's Campaign Coordinators and Representatives remains with the individual authour who will always be identified at source. Permission to reproduce any of this material elsewhere should, in all cases, be sought directly from the individual author concerned via the official contact email address given for them.

All other written, photographic, audio, video, and computer graphic work on this web site, not covered by any of the above, are the copyrighted property of MCS International founder Gordon D McHendry. However, permission is hereby given to publicly reproduce this work under strict compliance with two simple conditions: (1) The copyright holder (Gordon D McHendry) and the original source of the work ( is credited at the point of reproduction and (2), the full web address (or whatever) of the place of reproduction is emailed to on the same day that the copyrighted material is used. Please note however, to prevent inappropraite use of said material, the right to revoke this permission at any time is reserved regardless.
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