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MCS International News Pages
Monday the 24th of December 2007

The New MCS International

World Supporters Graphic Welcome to the 2nd incarnation of the MCS International web site! Originally it was supposed to launch on our 2nd anniversay on the 3rd of December. Sadly, that was not to be. A whole string of health issues and PC harware failures saw to that.

Ideally I could still have done with another few weeks yet but Gillian McCarthy, our Somerset, UK representative, has great need of her mini-bio and news/campaign page to be available again NOW, so that she can point the press and TV news people at it. They are contacting her on a regular basis now as her dire situation in The Stop Gap shack deteriorates with the onset of regular freezing temperatures and an impending "eviction". I promised her the 24th of December no matter what. So, in honour of that committment, unfinished sections - warts and all - here it is!

Improved Navigation System

Regular visitors, from over 70 countries now in the last 6 months alone, will notice right off that there are now 2 navigaition bars; one top and one bottom of each page. This and various other "Menu" navigation changes will ensure a much easier browsing experience here at MCS International V2.

Exciting New Content

The first of the Top 10 Health Tips is now fully functional with an introduction page, an action page, and a resources page. The latter 2 of which will continue to develop as new material becomes available.Camcorder Graphic Then comes a newly completed Top 20 section. This too will change as new material becomes available. And visitor participation is invited in that process via the feedback links provided.

Next comes the Video Vault which launches with well over 100 video's available, spread across a menu of categories, with many more new video's to be added over the coming weeks and months! There is even a category for visitors to submit their own stuff via the MCS Video Dairy section. I will be kicking that off soon with regular entries of my own.

Exploring An Integral Approach

In addition to the Video Vault sub category Integral Perspectives, among the new navigation bar sections still to come online over the coming weeks and months will be Integral Seeds. This section will house a growing collection of works from across the the cutting edge of the whole "Intergral Approach", specturm, including Sprial Dynamics Integral and Ken Wilber's AQAL (all quadrants, all levels) model. All of this should be of considerable value to the visitor who genuinely wishes to understand why MCS International is endeavouring to develop and function in an increasingly "Integral" way.

This "Integral Approach" offers cutting edge tools for achieving a truly holistic understanding of the "why" of problems of all sizies from the personal to the international. This site will try to walk that walk.
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