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Saturday the 7th of May 2006

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Els and Ruurd Valkenburg on Antidote Radio

Els Valkenburgh with MCS mask on Ruurd Valkenburg, husband of MCS sufferer Els Valkenburg (our respected Campaign Representative for the Netherlands), is traveling from the Netherlands to Massachusetts, USA to do a radio show with Antidote Radio: The Voice of Reason, about what it is like to live with a partner who has Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.  But that is only part of his mission. Because Els is too ill and so socially restricted by her MCS illness the other part of husband Ruurd's mission is to deliver Els's 15 recorded answers to the questions asked her by the radio show presenter.
When local radio can span the globe
The Internet isn't perfect. We all know that. But isn't it great that "local radio" with something important to say on trans-national matters can use the Internet in this way to get their important stuff - all too often ignored by main-stream media - to such a wide, international audience! For causes like the MCS community's fight for full medical and social recognition of MCS as a real physical illness the kind of opportunity that free-thinking and free-speaking local radio affords is an absolute God send. And its great to see such a brave MCS couple from Europe taking advantage of this unique communications platform to talk about the realities of this difficult illness. Please give them your support - and tune in!

Wishing you all every success on the day
I know it was difficult for Els putting all those answers together through the haze of brain fog which plagues most MCS sufferers and I salute her valuable efforts. I also salute the Massachusetts community radio station ValleyFreeRadio and its show AntidoteRadio: The Voice of Reason for offering the opportunity of this MCS coverage. The true voice of MCS needs all the coverage it can get!

Bon voyage Ruurd as you carry your MCS message across the Atlantic!

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