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Saturday the 1st of July 2006

Tomato Effect Logo

The Tomato Effect DVD Goes on Sale August 1st 2006
* Note the promotional web site detailed below is now closed. See sidebar video versions.

Photograph of Faun Kime, filmaker of The Tomato Effect documentary. Dear Gordon McHendry,

It's a pleasure to announce that "The Tomato Effect" DVD officially goes on sale August 1, 2006. Visit to purchase the film. Advance purchase discounts are currently available!

$16.95 Any JUNE advance purchase.
$18.45 Any JULY advance purchase.
$19.95 Any purchase from August 1, 2006.

All DVD's purchased with the advance purchase discount will be shipped on August 1st.


Faun Kime,  Filmmaker.

About The Tomato Effect
"Faun Kime's documentary 'The Tomato Effect' is a startling and rare look at a battle raging in medicine. Director Faun Kime chronicles ten doctors in the San Francisco bay area who lose their licenses while practicing Environmental Medicine and diagnosing chemical illness. Faun's father, Zane R. Kime M.D., was one of these physicians who responded with a spectacular legal battle that progressed to the appellate court and was about to set precedent. But when he ends up dead after a mysterious mountain climbing accident, Faun picks up a camera and investigates. She uncovers not only shocking secrets about her father's death, but the disturbing truth about the state of health care."

Order your copy today from:

On A Personal Note
My deep thanks to Faun Kime for making this very important documentay available at this crucial time when what it has to say so desparately needs to be heard.  My thanks to Faun also for kindly mentioning MCS-International.Org in the credits of this DVD under  "Thanks to the MCS Community".
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