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Bee Killing Pesticide Banned

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What The Water Gave Me

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A Gift from Steve Tvedten

Stephen L Tvedten's 'The Best Control II'
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Thursday the 22nd of June 2006

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Carol Keppler's TeleSeminars: Ask the Expert Series!

Ask: Steve Tvedten

Steve Tvedten photo for a Carol Keppler's TeleSeminar What's the "Single Most Important Question" you have about environmental pollution and non-toxic solutions?

Steve Tvedten is president of PEST (Prevent Environmental Suicide Today), an environmental group, has written several books and has been consulted as an expert by attorneys at trial!!

Steve wants you to hear all the facts about environmental pollution. But more importantly, he has discovered safe alternatives, which consist of non-toxic solutions that he will be sharing with us. This is a show you don't want to miss!

Mr. Tvedten is the author of The Bug Stops HereThe Best Control  and The Best Control II   and has developed (self-help) Professionally Guided Pest Control programs to safely and permanently control and/or eliminate pests: roaches, fleas, all wood destroying organisms (decay fungi and insects), rodents and other Steve Tvedten
miscellaneous pests. Pest Control Expert


Click on the link below to submit your question for Steve
Tvedten, which will register you for this FREE TeleSeminar.

1. Jim asked: Over the years we've done everything to get rid of roaches in our older home to no avail. Pesticides haven't helped. Can you help us?
2. Colleen asked: Our "pests" are gophers. Help!
3. Roger asked: My rose garden is suffering from aphids and something that is cutting circles in the leaves. Is there a natural product that I can use-the toxic sprays are easy but I want to try to do it naturally.

Be as specific as possible.  There are no dumb questions!

TeleSeminar-hosted by Carol Keppler, B.S., Ed.
Tuesday, June 27th (by phone) 60 minutes
5:30pm Pacific / 5:30pm AZ / 8:30pm Eastern
Sign up today! Only 100 lines available.

To register for this Teleseminar and submit your question visit

Or telephone:  800-971-4458

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