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Founders Mission Statement

Gordon D McHendry at Maidstone TV Studio's on behalf of severe MCS sufferer Gillian McCarthy, November 2006. MCS International was founded in August 2005 as a "not for profit" volunteer based organisation. It's purpose is to manifest the following goals to the best of its ability:

1)  To be a comprehensive source of information to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), Chemical Injury (CI), and Environmental Illness (EI) sufferers, their carers, family, friends and neighbours.

2)  To be a source of support to those sufferers, carers, etc, via our substantial web site resources, email newsletters, telephone helpline, forum, and by direct personal action when possible (e.g. see photo).

3)  To campaign via personal, group, and coalition means for full social, legal, medical, and political recognition of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), and all other forms of Chemical Injury (CI), as physically real, health-devastating diseases, initiated and maintained by ubiquitous toxic chemcials in our air, water, food, allopathic medications, commercial products, and our living and wild environments.

4)  To raise public awareness about the arduous sprectrum of personal, financial, social, legal, medical and spiritual day-to-day realities that inevitably follow from simply suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), some other form of Chemical Injury (CI), or Environmental Illness (EI), in the scandalously ignorant social, medical and political systems we have today. Systems that disgracefully refuse to accept these life-destroying illnesses as physically real despite the growing mountains of quality evidence to the contrary.

5)  To raise public awareness about the hidden dangers of modern synthetic chemcials generally - and especially synergystically - on human health, on the health of our pets and livestock, on our wildlife, and on our precious living, working, social and wild enviroments.

6)  To offer the chemically injured worlwide - regardless of the form that chemical injury takes - the opportunity, via our recruitment pages, of speaking out as an MCS International Representative, on the personal, and/or national, and/or international injustices and dangers, directly and indirectly associated with the reckless, widespread use of untested synthetic chemicals.

7)  To offer the various Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), Chemical Injury (CI) and Environmental Illeness (EI) groups, via the MICAGO Initiative, the opportunity of a free, independent, impartial, and transparent island of Unity and realisable solidarity, amid the often stormy, acrimonious, and sometimes downright hostile seas of fragmented activism.

8)  To strive to manifest all aspects of MCS International's mission in an Integral way. That is to say, by seeking to use the cutting-edge Integral (AQAL) Approach whenever ability and opportunity make this possible. The Integral Approach is a super-holistic one. One of its most incredibly insightful and useful perspectives is the idea that any event is comprised of four basic elements or "quadrants"; the interior and exterior of the individual, and the interior and exterior of the collective - The Spiral.

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