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Meet The Team: The Wider Context

Professional Experience

Stephen L Tvedten PhotoStephen L Tvedten
Web sites:

Stephen L. Tvedten is currently the President of Get Set, Inc., which is one of the few integrated pest management (IPM) company that exclusively uses non-toxic products.

Mr. Tvedten holds several state certifications in pest management, and now has over 45 years of experience to back him up. Prior to becoming the president of Get Set, Inc., he presided over Stroz Services, Inc., which started out as a "typical" pest control company. When he realized the great harm "registered" pesticide POISONS had done to him and his family, he worked tirelessly to ban Chlordane. Steve now is the President of PEST (Prevent Environmental Suicide Today), which is an environmental group. Steve also heads of the Institute of Pest Management, which has notable toxicologists, doctors, lawyers and professional people on its Board of Directors.

Logo for The Bug Stops Here by Stephen L Tvedten Mr. Tvedten is the author of several books including The Bug Stops HereThe Best Control and The Best Control II and has developed (self-help) Professionally Guided Pest Control programs to safely and permanently control and/or eliminate pests: roaches, fleas, all wood destroying organisms (decay fungi and insects), rodent and miscellaneous pests.

Mr. Tvedten is the following: a certified home, asbestos and environmental inspector; a guest lecturer and public speaker for many environmental groups; an IPM consultant to several government and countries; and has been consulted as expert by attorneys at and prior to trial.

Mr. Tvedten developed many processes that include but are not limited to the following: the first guaranteed termite inspection program for real estate; the Get Set IPM program; an automated Phase I Environmental Inspection program; and a self-help Professionally Guided Pest Control programs to safely and permanently control the following: roaches, fleas, all wood destroying organisms (decay fungi and insects), rodent and miscellaneous pests. He holds a number of trademarks and copyrights and submitted for patents that are pending. He was awarded U.S. Patent 6,663,860 for the use of enzymes for pest control.

Mr. Tvedten is always open to the media. He appeared on numerous radio and television and/or local cable access programs; has written pest control columns for periodicals like Our Times and Alternative Medicine, to name just a few. On Earth Day April 22, 2002, Mr. Tvedten provided to the world, an 86-page book on the use of safe alternatives to pesticides titled The Bug Stops Here that can be downloaded free at

Other Previous Accomplishments:

  1. Scientific advisor for the National Pediculosis Association.
  2. Recipient of the 1985 Small Business of the Year Environmental Award.
  3. Guest faculty member of environmental groups such as NCAMP.
  4. Testified before the U. S. House of Representatives on the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act.
  5. Appeared before the Environmental Protection Agency, the Michigan Toxic Substance Control Commission, the Michigan Department of Agriculture for hearings regarding the safe use of chemicals.
  6. Featured on CBS' West 57th Chlordane Segment - Broadcast August 15, 1987.
  7. Taught a Post Graduate Course on PsychImmunNeuro Toxicology (Effects of Chemicals on Man) including treatment protocols at the Indiana Academy of Osteopathy.
  8. Recipient of an Academic Excellence Award from Study Web as a reference for schools.
  9. MCS International Country Campaign Coordinator for the USA.
  10. Completed pest control courses at Purdue and Penn State Universities to increase his academic and scientific knowledge. He is consulted by lawyers, doctors, laboratories, environmentalists, government officials, victims, and reporters from all over the U.S. and internationally. His experience in the field of pest control leaves no doubt that Mr. Tvedten is an internationally acclaimed IPM leader in safe and alternative pest control.
The Problem: How to kill pests without killing yourself or the earth.
There are about 50,000,000 insect species on earth - we have named about 1,000,000 and there are only about 1,000 pest species - of which over 50% of the pests are already resistant to dangerous, synthetic pesticides. We lose about 25,000 to 50,000 species of insects, plants and animals every year due to "man's footprint". But, after poisoning the entire world for over 60 years with dangerous pesticide POISONS we have not controlled much less eliminated even one pest species and every year we use/misuse more and more pesticide POISONS to try to "keep up"! Even so we lose more and more to the pests every year.

Logo for The Best Control II by Stephen L Tvedten In order to try to help "stem the tide", I have just finished working on an IPM encyclopedia entitled: The Best Control II, that contains over 2,800 safe and far more effective alternatives to pesticide POISONS. This latest copyrighted work is about 1,800 pages in length and is now available "pre-publication" on cd-rom.

Just one of these alternatives, is also covered by my Australian and USA patent #6,663,860 has 77 claims on the process of using various formulas and/or compositions that use a protease enzyme to control even resistant pest problems. My IPM encyclopedia and all of my years of field research continually has proven that enzyme-based compositions are the safest, fastest "knock-down" pesticides on the market today. My Australian and USA process patent already covers and/or allows the creation of literally thousands of different safe and far more effective enzyme-based formulations and/or compositions that use a protease enzyme to control pest problems e.g., mold, insects, arachnids, bacteria, viruses, etc. What follows is a brief description :

The Solution: The Ideal Pesticide.
The 5th Edition of Truman's Scientific Guide to Pest Control Operations described "The Ideal Pesticide". "Ideally any pesticide will act rapidly on pests, yet be completely harmless to people, domestic animals, wildlife, and other aspects of the environment. Its residues would only last as long as was necessary to create the desired effect, usually for very short periods. It would also be inexpensive and readily available in necessary quantities, chemically stable (before application), non-flammable, and otherwise safe to use around homes or industrial sites. It would be easily prepared and applied, non-corrosive and non-staining, and it would have no undesirable odor. Unfortunately, no such (synthetic) pesticide exists." Purdue University and Advanstar Communications (Pest Control Magazine) worked on this 1997 Pest Control Manual, but they were, obviously, still unaware that I had begun patenting and using and field testing the ideal or perfect (pesticide) or PestisafeŽ based on natural pest control. In addition to being on the (perfect or ideal pesticide poison descriptive) list, enzyme and surfactant products, e.g., Lice R GoneŽ, will never create any pest resistance problems and is truly the "perfect or ideal pesticide" as the entire compound contains only ingredients that are considered to be food-grade or non-toxic or GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) and all of these ingredients are active only as long as they are liquid and can be used virtually everywhere, even when people are sick, under 1, over 60, pregnant and/or chemically sensitive to control even pesticide-resistant pests.

Most insects die in about 6 seconds; ticks take about 2 minutes to be safely and effectively destroyed. In addition this patented process of using enzymes and surfactants to control pest problems can be diluted/applied in such a way that only the pest species are killed leaving the beneficial species alive! Part of the science behind the invention and/or patented process is that maggots produce enzymes to help soften up their food so they can eat it. Insectivore plants produce and also use protease enzymes to digest their insect prey. Bacteria also use enzymes to break down dead organic cell walls. Spiders and scorpions produce and inject protease enzymes to predigest their prey and all molting insects produce a small amount of protease enzyme to serve as a chemical "zipper" so they can split open the back of their exoskeletons when they molt and emerge in order to increase their size. Without this protease enzyme all molting insects would be trapped inside their own exoskeletons and be crushed to death by their own growth. Therefore, there is no possibility that any insect or arachnid pest can ever develop a resistance to this USA patented process with 77 claims of using enzymes/surfactants to control pest problems. Please note that I already have a patent pending in the USA to increase the number of claims. The following URL contains all of the approved patent information and also explains some of the processes:

Simply by adding another non-volatile item to the "Ideal Pesticide" will not only make "it" the safest and most effective knockdown product on the market today, but this new formula will also be the safest, most effective and longest lasting residual pest control product on the market today.This improved formula will still be basically harmless to everything but the (even resistant) bugs!

All of these various claims will allow the creation of many patented variations of the "ideal pesticide" to make sure every possible pest problem/situation is safely and far more effectively controlled.

But, as I have proven in the field an extremely dilute formula can be safely and far more effectively used to control spider mites, aphids and leaf miners without harming any of the beneficial organisms e.g., ladybird beetles or ladybugs.

I have posted a lot of other free and safe pest control alternatives and other relevant information on the websites located at: There is a free 86 page booklet on how to control most pest problems without using any pesticide POISONS entitled: The Bug Stops Here. There is a free chapter on Lice/Scabies/Morgellons Disease, a chapter on Mosquitoes, a chapter on Fleas and Mange, a chapter on Bed Bugs, a free chapter on Detoxification/Healing and a section on fire ants from my newest IPM manual/encyclopedia entitled: The Best Control II. All of these copyrighted items are free for you to simply read and/or download.

There simply is no need to POISON yourself.

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