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Meet The Team: United States of America

Stephen L Tvedten: Country Coordinator

Stephen L Tvedten, MCS International Country Coordinator for the USA. The Chemical Connection:  I was in "standard" pest control until the 1980s; when I became so poisoned by chlordane I could not count 2 quarters, a dime, a nickel and a penny and come up with 66 cents to save my soul. I had become intoxicated, not with alcohol but with the toxic chlordane and other pesticides. This condition is now becoming called the environmental disesase and/or multiple chemical sensitivity.

After extensive research, I realized the doctors and the chemical industry were wrong and pesticides were no more safe than homicides or suicides. The word "cide" means to kill or murder and that is just what "they" are doing. They are injuring, sickening, intoxicating people and all forms of life all over the world. Every drop of rain, every living organism is now contaminated with multiple pesticide poisons.

Background Information:  Once I had learned to detoxify myself and remove the poisons that were stored in my adipose tissue (fat) that were slowly being rereleased in my blood stream on a daily basis, my mental abilities returned and I was no longer intoxicated and as such I could count right, remember and deal emotionally with people once again. From a victim I became a survivor, from a survivor I became an activist and I have found over 2800 alternatives that are safe and far more effective in controlling pest problems than any pesticides or combination of pesticides.

The Wider Context:  Organophosphates were designed to kill people, and as such were designed to kill people by the I. G. Farben Company in World War II. These people-cides or nerve gases were then formulated into insecticides and other pesticides by chemical companies. Since their advent their uses have increased yearly and along with this increase in pesticide use and misuse, we have seen an ever increasing illness and death in our populations. Track any disease: cancer, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, leukemia, and you will see they have increased in direct proportion to worldwide pesticide uses and misuse.

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