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Meet The Team: United States of America

Marjorie Teitjen: State Representative for Connecticut

Marjorie Teitjen, MCS International State Representative, Connecticut, USA. The Chemical Connection:  In 1989 I became ill and was eventually diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). It was at this time that I also became very sensitive to different foods and chemicals. Eight years later I discovered I had Lyme Disease. After being treated with long term antibiotics, the chemical and food sensitivities have all but disappeared. Our planet is becoming saturated with toxins and it appears there is a connection between the world's explosion of chronic illness and these chemicals. Are these man made chemicals stressing our immune systems which then allow the bacteria and viruses to flourish...or in some cases could it be the other way around? Most likely it is an intricate web and in order to solve these problems it will take an integrative approach, keeping the many factors in mind.

Background Information:  My only credentials are an Assoc. degree in Hotel restaurant management and a B.S in Nutrition, which I have never professionally utilized. After becoming ill, I began to research into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, then Lyme Disease and then into the politics behind these illnesses. Out of the blue I felt compelled to write about what I was learning. Around this same time I connected with Donald Scott, the Founder of the nonprofit Common Cause Medical Research Foundation. He invited me to be the Director For Lyme Disease Concerns. This is when I feel I really began putting the puzzle pieces together. Since then I have helped to organize medical conferences and State Hearings to try and further awareness of the pandemic nature of Lyme Disease and the politics promoting this pandemic.

The Wider Context:  Along the way I have met so many beautiful caring people, the Founder of MCS International definitely being one of them. While many times it appears as though the many problems of the world are insurmountable, I feel that there is much hope. Myself and others are noticing a coming together of like minded people who care about others and the world. These people have a special quality which stands out to me. While it's right for people to receive credit for their accomplishments, I have found that these particular people do not have recognition as their main goal. As this mind set becomes more prevalent, we will find much less greed and competition and it will become evident that there is enough "good" for everyone. I feel that the competitive mind set is fuelled by fear and when this fear is dissolved, one of the main roots of pollution will also dissolve.

I am a member of the Greater Hartford Lyme Disease Support and Action Group. You are welcome to visit our web site there and perhaps listen to some video clips from our latest Lyme Conference. It was spectacular!

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