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Meet The Team: United States of America

Margo Joy:  State Representative for Florida

Margo Joy, MCS International State Representative, Florida, USA. The Chemical Connection: When I was a senior in high school at age 18, I became very sick. I missed 30 days of school that year after having perfect attendance throughout my other years of schooling. Something wasn't right, I had gained 20 pounds in one year, I kept catching every illness that my peers had (colds, ear aches, sore throats.) I just couldn't get better and nothing would go away, my resistance was very low.

I made it through freshman year of college running a low grade fever and constantly getting sick. I kept coming back to my hometown to go to different doctors. Not one doctor could find the cause of my problem, they just kept giving me antibiotics to cover up the problem, but not get to the cause. I kept complaining of chest pain, my muscles ached, I always had that drug tired feeling. I couldn't focus, I couldn't concentrate, I felt like I was in a fog. I had to medically withdraw my sophomore year and for the next 2 years to follow was home bedridden, not knowing what the problem was.

I went to 12 different types of doctors, and finally an environmental allergist took all the right blood tests to find that I had become severely sensitive to foods and chemicals. Once knowing what the cause of the problem was, I felt like a brand new person. I lost all the weight because it turned out to be bloat from eating foods I was allergic to. My friends and family all had to become fragrance free in order to be near me, it was a change for everyone in my life, but one that has helped them keep a toxic free life too.

I stayed inside my house for 5 years, going very few places, unless I knew I would be okay, to prevent acute asthma attacks, migraines, and muscle pain. Basically, now I can go places as long as there are no fragrances or chemicals: smoke, cleaning chemicals, fragrances, deodorizers, pesticides, new paint, gasoline etc. I know where I can and can't be and sometimes if I can not be somewhere, I just have to accept that it wasn't meant to be. I am so grateful to have found out the cause of my illness. And now I will do everything I can to educate the world on the awareness and prevention of environmental illness. Chemicals can cause all types of illness and to prevent these illnesses has become my goal.

Background Information:  During my time at home, I became a certified Cantor. I went to school for vocal performance and am a trained opera singer. I have been writing songs since I was ten years old and am currently recording a pop/R&B album. Singing and writing is my passion. I have also written a line of children's books and greeting cards, as well as a motivational book, all to be published after my album is released.

I have been given the gift of seeing and hearing energy. I am a medium and healer. You can learn more about this subject at my website Healing Visions. I have healed myself so greatly in the last few years that I am able to overcome so many chemical reactions that I never thought possible. Believing, having faith, giving unconditional love to those around you, are all part of healing.

The Wider Context:  It is upsetting when people do not understand how a chemical can stop you from breathing, or close your throat, or give you a severe migraine. MCS is a hidden illness, and I know through our teamwork that we will make a huge difference in this world.

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