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Meet The Team: United States of America

Caryl Schonbrun:  State Representative for Colorado

Caryl Shronbrun, MCS International State Representative, Colorado, USA. The Chemical Connection:  As far as we can figure, I was felled by a combination of pesticide and chemical exposures from my job as a nurse. In San Diego, Calif., where I had lived most of my life, many people unknowingly had a Pest Service for bugs. We had one for almost 12 years. Of course I wish I could go back with all the knowledge that I have now and do it all over again. I also was a surgical nurse. As we know, hospitals are chock full of chemicals, so I'm sure that was a big factor too. What really threw me into the acute phase of MCS was a dose of Compezine for nausea. It was too much for my body, I ended up in the Emergency Room and the next day I was severely MCS.

Background Information:  I am 53 years old, Married for 25 years to Bob, my greatest helper and soul mate. I have two grown-up children, 21 and 31 years of age. I lived in San Diego, Calif. For 50 years and the last three have been in Fort Collins, Colorado. Before MCS, I was a surgical nurse and a travelling School Nurse. I love to hike, read, jog, and my favorite...kick box. Amazing what you can do when life changes!!!

The Wider Context:  When we moved to Fort Collins, Colorado, I found my activist voice. I was appalled at how little the city knew or cared about MCS. I have been very vocal with our City Council and other Political factions as well as a media writer for some of our newspapers. I have been featured on Television for MCS and for building a Non Toxic home. I feel that the more buzz and info that gets out about us, the better. I am now in the process of working with our Colorado State Rep' to get some help for MCS through health care, ordinances in neighborhoods, Integrated Pest Management in Schools and no fragrance policies in public buildings. It's been very difficult, but I've finally been successful in gathering the other MCS'ers that live in Colorado together to be a show of force.

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