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Meet The Team: England - UK

Mary Holden: Regional Representative for East Sussex

PHOTOGRAPH PENDING The Chemical Connection:  I had one massive exposure to a big 7lb tin of DDT that was on prescription from Boots the chemist. I was 4 months pregnant at the time. Some 5 months later I gave birth to a monster baby boy. At 1 year of age he weighed 32 lbs when he should only have weighed around 20bs. He had a slightly deformed penis and a slightly deformed earflap. Circumcised at birth he peed sideways. He had plastic surgery when he was five years old and had gastic, bowel and tantrum problems. He was always highly intelligent and as an adult qualified first as a doctor, and then as a lawyer.

I had huge weight problem after my pregnancy, putting on about 3 stone. Then I developed severe arthritis. I can't take painkillers (especill morphine), react badly to most drugs, and need massive support from vitamins, minerals and hormones (200 antigens per day - about 10 injections).

Background Information:  I was born in 1927 and will be 81 years of age next month (March 2008). In 1981 I suddenly became "reactive" to just about everything and my health collapsed. In 1984 pesticides were found in my blood that were 3 times higher than the American scale for this kind of measurement. Then I spent 3 months in hostpital on intravenous VIT-C drips. I am still a chemically injured patent now 24 years later - although I am hugely better these days. I am, however, still on those antigens.

The Wider Context:  In my opinion the general health prospects for ME/MCS sufferers nowadays is not good - especially for the poor. I have no savings left now and am living hand to mouth. I try to help other MCS and Chemical Injury sufferers when I can with advice on nutrition, rotation diets, etc. So, if anyone would like to "pick my brains" for the benefits of my experience I would be happy to communicate with them.

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