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Meet The Team: The Wider Context

Gordon D McHendry: Founder & Campaign Coordinator

The "Surrender and Allow" Meditation

Sky with Clouds

Background Experience

Right off I would like to express my unending gratitude to  Ken Wilber  and  Eckhart Tolle  for their unique and priceless contributions to my own meditation practice which I share below. I have successfully used this "Surrender and Allow" meditation many times, to great effect, in dealing with some of the most distressing and disabling symptoms of both severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) and severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). Often in parallel with equally distressing outer circumstances (see my old  Satori-5  web site for a more in-depth look at that side of it). I can therefore heartily recommend this "Surrender and Allow" meditation to anyone who suffers from these often devastating and greatly misunderstood illnesses. In fact, I highly recommend it for coping well with the difficulties of any kind illness, emotional issues, or even difficult life circumstances. This powerful meditation can quickly bring you to the liberating realisation that no matter how terrible, how violent "the storm", it can never harm, in any way, the "vast clear sky" that contains it.

Preparing for the Meditation

If you are new to meditation I would suggest that you slowly read through the whole meditation guide below a few times first to get a reasonable "idea" and "feel" for how best to go about it before you make the inner journey for real. Then, if possible, choose a place for your meditation that is quiet and comfortable. Try to choose a time of the day or night when you are not likely to be disturbed and if possible wear loose, comfortable clothing. Ideally you should not have eaten for an hour or two. If you have a mobile phone switch it off and take the house-phone off the hook until your meditation is over. If you are new to meditation then aim initially for a meditation period of about 10 to 15 minutes. Set a timer if you like. Longer IS better - but only if you feel inclined to it. Do not force yourself in this or any other way as that would only be counter-productive. If you think (or feel) that some form of gentle meditation-like music would help then that is fine too.

In The Beginning...

Illustrative Sun Symbol for the poem Vehicle Of Becoming by Gordon D McHendry, Founder and Campaign Coordinator, MCS-International.Org Sit comfortably or, if you prefer, lie flat on your back. Adjust your position as much as you like until you are happy with it. Then close your eyes and take a few deep, slow breaths. Allowing your body to relax more and more fully with each deliberate, long, slow out-breath. As your relaxation deepens allow your breath to fall into its own preferred rhythm. If that breath-rhythm is still rather shallow or laboured in any way - perhaps because your health is poor or you are in some kind of pain - then that is perfectly ok; don't be in any way concerned about that. Your body is breathing in the way it is for very good reasons. Completely allow that and simply bring the bright light of your full, non-judgemental consciousness - your full, silent awareness - to rest upon your breathing just as it is. In doing that do not - in any way whatsoever - try to change anything at all. Just be fully, and completely AWARE of ALL that is happening in your body as it breathes in and breathes out in it's own unique way. Simply allowing FULLY - allowing COMPLETELY - whatever is present and unfolding in silent awareness at that moment and each succeeding moment.

As you do this do not get lost in any kind of internal mental chatter or "running commentary" on what is happening - or not happening - in your meditation. However, if you do find this kind of thing happening anyway then realise that "this too is ok". Simply disengage your identification from whatever mental process is happening and instead observe and be fully aware of the "mental chatter" as it runs on by itself. Allowing it to be - just as it is. Simply observing the mental process as it runs its course. Do not in any way "try" to stop such mental chatter from happening. It will settle down of its own accord soon enough if you just remain focused and alert and detached as "the observer" of everything that is arising.

Be particularly aware of your body breathing and ALL of the sensations and feelings that are associated with that. Without thought, or without identification with any thoughts if they are there - allow absolutely everything - completely - just as it is. Without engaging in - or identifying with - the thought process, feel your awareness seep deep into and completely enfold EVERYTHING. Let the healing light of your pure, and simple, and silent consciousness - your bare ALLOWING awareness - completely surround and deeply permeate gently into the very fabric of your whole breathing process - all in its own time. Nothing else is needed at that point.

Continue to simply "BE" with the reality of each unfolding moment. Allowing fully - without identification with any thought - whatever each moment contains. The most productive, silent, inner attitude here is one of "YES" - to absolutely everything that "IS" in that moment, and everything that arises in all subsequent moments. Soon your bare, silent, conscious awareness, and the breathing of your body, will come more and more into resonance and harmony, and your meditation will begin to reach deeper and deeper all by itself. Notice it happening and allow that fully too, in the same bare, silent, completely non-judgmental, non-thinking and fully allowing awareness.

As your meditation spontaneously deepens gently expand your growing field of "fully allowing" consciousness to slowly feel its way deeper and deeper into the whole body. Feel your pure, empty awareness fill every cell in your body like a bright healing light. Feel your way gently - but thoroughly - with your silent and "thought-less" consciousness into every last atom of your body. Notice the various feelings and sensations you encounter there. Notice them without thought, without comment, without judgment of any kind. Go deeply into everything that you find and feel. Holding "the wholeness of the body" with all its feelings and sensations, good, bad or neutral, right there in the accepting embrace of your still and silent consciousness. Remain in that for a while. Be nothing but pure, simple awareness. Holding your entire body - and its breathing - and its feelings - and its sensations - in a loving, fully accepting "YES" embrace. Completely allowing, moment by moment, ALL that is arising to simply bathe in the loving embrace of your full, silent, undivided, and totally accepting consciousness. Engage fully with that. Go deeply into it. Be willingly with all of it...

Embracing Your Pain

Illustrative Sun Symbol for the poem Vehicle Of Becoming by Gordon D McHendry, Founder and Campaign Coordinator, MCS-International.Org As you embrace your entire body with the healing light of your silent, fully allowing, totally accepting, pure non-thinking consciousness, it may be that you become aware of specific tensions, aches, or even distinct pain somewhere within it. For some that pain may be severe and even widespread. Again, whatever the condition of your body, the inner attitude here is one of "YES" to everything - even the pain - especially the pain. If pain is there - then it is there. Acknowledge it fully and unconditionally. Allow such pain or tension as is there to be fully present just as it is. Acknowledge and accept it totally.

Then gently turn the focus of your of your silent, healing attention onto - and into - the pain (or the very worst of the pains if you have more than one as many do) and surrender any resistance you may feel towards it. Become silently aware of the inner clenching that is there and bathe that whole area of pain and clenching with your silent, accepting awareness. Really try to feel your way with your empty, allowing consciousness, right into the very heart of the hurt. Feel your consciousness seep deep into the pain and then expand to fill all of it. When you feel yourself realise this then just remain there- like that - with the full and gentle light of your healing "YES" awareness upon it. Nothing More. If inner talk arises acknowledge and allow that fully too, without identifying with any of it.

Remain intensely alert as observing, totally silent, all-embracing consciousness. There should be NO sense of hurry. No thoughts of trying to change this, or change that, or change anything at all. Nothing but silent, all-embracing, all-allowing consciousness, gently holding and bathing and fully accepting the very heart of your pain. It may surprise you to know that what you are actually doing at that point is gently cradling your pain with unconditional love. This is where the healing power comes from. Sustain this state of immersion in intense, totally non-judgemental awareness, as it embraces, and permeates, and cradles your pain in complete, motive-free awareness. This is the place where real pain relief happens and real healing can begin...

Dissolving Your Pain

Illustrative Sun Symbol for the poem Vehicle Of Becoming by Gordon D McHendry, Founder and Campaign Coordinator, MCS-International.Org Remain within the healing, meditative space you have created. All you need do there is simply maintain, with complete and unconditional "ALLOWING", the silent, focused "body-awareness state" you have have already brought into being. If you continue to do this intently, constantly, moment to moment, cradling and embracing your hurt, you will find that very often the pain, even if it is severe, begins to rapidly melt away like late spring snow; even completely sometimes, if you can go deep enough into the state of pure silent awareness. That can feel really miraculous the first time you experience it. You may catch yourself thinking "My God! This is truly amazing! This is really melting away my pain" - but that would mean you were once again caught up in "thinking"; identified with yet another "thought-stream". If that happens just acknowledge it. Then let your identification with the thoughts go. If the excited thoughts refuse to stop then that is ok. Simply cease your identification with them. Become "the detached observer", embracing from there All thoughts and ALL pain in pure allowing awareness...

If necessary, once you have achieved this substantial release of physical tension or pain in one part of the body, shift the focus of your deepening, silent attention, to the next area in your body that has tension or pain in it and repeat the whole "embracing awareness" journey exactly as before. Continue to do this time and time again if necessary, with each part of your body that is tense or hurting, until finally your body and mind has achieved the maximum state of peace that is possible for them at that time. You may then be ready to take your meditation much, much deeper...

Entering The Stillness

Illustrative Sun Symbol for the poem Vehicle Of Becoming by Gordon D McHendry, Founder and Campaign Coordinator, MCS-International.Org At his stage in your meditation it is very regenerating to just "EN-JOY" and "BE" for a while with your new embracing state of mental and physical peace. After a time, when you feel ready, you can turn your silent, "NOW" focused awareness onto the mind and its activity. Endeavour to "let go" of ALL intentional thinking entirely. Just as before when you shone the light of your silent, accepting consciousness onto and into your body, you now shine that same silent light of pure, embracing awareness onto and into your mind and its activity. Surround and permeate everything you find there with bare empty awareness. Intently observe your mind. Witness any thoughts - words, images, whatever - that may arise in it. Notice them from your silent position of "observer". Watch intently for the very instant each word or image arises. Observe how each word or image seems to spontaneously manifest all by itself - out of nowhere. Where is it coming from? Out of what is it coming? And what is initiating its emergence into your observing awareness in the first place?

As you observe - as you witness - these thoughts spontaneously "happening" in your mind, simply notice them - acknowledge them. Do not try to silence them. Do not start to "think" about the thoughts. Instead, seek to remain always as the "silent observer", the "silent witness" of all the thought-noise that is happening in your mind. If words and pictures continue to arise then allow them fully without identifying with them, or getting involved with them in any way. Simply observe, simply witness, simply notice the content of your mind, without judgment, without agenda, from one spontaneously unfolding moment to the next spontaneously unfolding moment...

As the thoughts come and go within your silent, allowing, all embracing awareness, realise fully that you are neither the thoughts nor the mind that produces them. How can you be when your I-Awareness is observing them like objects? As each new thought or image manifests in your mind realise that it is arising inside the very field of your silent I-Awareness. Like a clear blue sky your I-Awareness contains each thought, each image, as they pop into being like little clouds that drift or scurry for a while across the clear blue empty sky of your always present I-Awareness, then vanish. Notice all of this as it unfolds, of its own accord, moment to moment. And as each new "thought-cloud" pops into the clear blue sky of your silent, non-judgemental, witnessing I-Awareness, allow it to BE FULLY "just as it is".

Realise completely, as you continue to notice and observe each passing thought in the ever abiding field of your I-Awareness, that the "thought" is NOT you. That "YOU" are the ever abiding field in which all thoughts happen. Know that each thought is merely a passing product of the mind. That these "mind-products" come and go but "YOU" - as I-Awareness - constantly remain. You constantly remain because you ARE that ever present empty awareness in which everything arises. You ARE ALWAYS the "clear blue sky" itself - and never the "thought-clouds", large or small, good or bad, that happen to pass temporarily through it.

Hold all of that in silent, thought-less "KNOWING". And in that state of "new knowing" once again enfold and embrace your whole body-mind in the bright light of your all-allowing awareness. You have transcended and embraced your body and its manifestations. You have transcended and embraced your mind and its manifestations. YOu have directly experienced those things, so never again need you lose your true identity - your ever present I-Awareness - in either of them. Out of the freedom you have created from the deep, healing, meditative state you have achieved, you will deeply KNOW all this to be true. And you will have escaped, at least for a while, the spiritual slavery that always results from self identification with the body and its sensations, or with the mind and its incessant chatter.

Releasing Locked Emotional Pain

Enfold and embrace that precious and liberating realisation, and any others that may come to you in that place of silence and freedom. Continue also to "BE" with each moment as it effortlessly unfolds. Go deeper and deeper - in silence - into the wholeness of your being. With the body at peace, the mind at peace, and with both bathed in the bright healing light of your fully allowing consciousness, it is likely that deep memories of things long past will suddenly start to surface. Feelings that had been left unresolved or frozen and un-experienced, perhaps a long, long time ago, may then start to bubble up from the dark depths of your being to reemerge into this new bright new light of completely non-judgemental and allowing awareness. If these things begin to happen then simply say a full and unconditional inner "YES" to them. Surrender to the re-emergence of those lost memories - those buried and forgotten feeling, and allow them to finally "thaw" and "rise" into the accepting and healing light of your awareness in their own way, and in their own time.

Just as before, when you shone the silent healing light of your consciousness first on your body, and then on your mind, you then silently shine it gently and fully on those long buried memories and emotions that are begging to bubble up from the depths of your being towards the healing light that you then begin to unconditionally offer to them. In that special space you may strongly sense that you are on the very brink of an important inner healing event. If so, resist any temptation to "think" about what may be happening. Resist too any urge to try to influence the course of the approaching "healing event" in any way. As before - and as always - simply put your full "allowing" attention, your full silent but totally "allowing" awareness onto - and deeply into - whatever is arising, in whatever way it is arising. Surrender completely to each moment as it unfolds; to the content of each moment as it unfolds, exactly as it is... Surrender and allow... Surrender and allow... Moment by moment... In full, silent awareness.

Illustrative Sun Symbol for the poem Vehicle Of Becoming by Gordon D McHendry, Founder and Campaign Coordinator, MCS-International.Org Know that it is because you have become relatively free from the prison of "identification with the mind" and its seemingly "endless stream of chatter" that those long buried feelings at last have a chance to bubble up from the repressive darkness of unconsciousness into the bright surface light of full conscious awareness. Therefore fully endeavour to allow those long repressed emotions to at last be fully acknowledged - to at last be fully felt - to "BE" completely just as they are. Experience them in full non-judgmental silence. Watch them play out - in their own way - in healing freedom, across the vast clear blue sky of your true being, until they fade, fully expressed and healed, in their own natural and rightful time.

From that special meditative space you can observe such buried memories and emotions come and you can observe them go. And through all of that you will see that always you remain as the clear blue sky of pure awareness. If you find that more memories or feelings come bubbling up towards the allowing and healing light of your awareness then stay with whatever arises for as long as is needed. Continue to completely "surrender and allow", "surrender and allow", and "surrender and allow", until finally you feel that, at least for today, it is over, and it's time for you to resume your outer life again. Or until the liberation of all unconscious emotional and psychological material is finally released into the embracing, compassionate light of your I Awareness, and you fall willingly into the real Stillness.. the real Silence... the real Freedom...

The Fruits of Regular Meditation

Congratulations! You have just successfully taken your first steps in realising the fruits of a very powerful healing meditation! Beyond this you will find that regular meditation practice (by whatever means or method best suits you) is a very powerful tool for both personal and world transformation. In undertaking its regular practice you make a very valuable contribution both to the evolutionary unfolding (vertically and horizontally) of your own existence - your own total-being. And to the evolutionary unfolding of ALL creation.


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