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Meet The Team: England - UK

Brooke Ann Pugh: Regional Representative for Bedfordshire

Brooke Ann Pugh, MCS International Regional Representative for Bedfordshire, England, UK. The Chemical Connection:  In 1997, I was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalopathy. While the "original" symptoms first appeared in 1990, I am "officially" only nine years into this condition., this coming August 2006.

Since January 2002, however, the symptoms have become increasingly severe and myriad. In the beginning of that year, I underwent an endoscopy, which was meant to be routine, and nearly ended up being a serious respiratory failure, as the medication to spray the back of the throat had some sort of chemical in it that made me feel as if I were totally breathless...that same year, I had a choking/gastroesophageal reflux episode from some sort of sauce that McDonald's put on their XL burger. I can no longer eat ham, pork, sausages, or bacon; my throat swells up from the nitrates and nitrites. I cannot eat marshmallows, which is a tragedy for me, because marshmallows are fun. I cannot eat a concentrated protein with aocencentrated starch, so my favourite bonfire night meal is out of the question. No Hairspray. No Pantene. And I owe my life to Piriton!!!

Background Information:  I was born in a small town in Connecticut, in 1958, and attended and passed through the regular channels of American education; In 1983, I graduated from Northwestern Community College in Winsted, Connecticut with a degree in Therapeutic Recreation.

I also hold certificates of completion in Emergency First Aid, CPR, and Water Safety, as well as Instructors Certificates in those areas, I also have certification in Aquatic Emergency Care by the Royal Lifesaving Society Canada, I attained my Emergency Medical Techinician in 1985, and have some self-taught skills in Paramedicine. I've attended two other schools besides Northwestern; I've attended Pima Community in Tucson AZ., and lately, the University of Hertfordshire for a Dip N course; however, I needed to withdraw from the programme; I am proud to have finished the Common Foundation Programme, but sadly, will not realise my dream to have an R.N. I'm aiming at a BsC in Holistic Sciences, hopefully, online.

I'm married to an Englishman, with one teenage son, and in my spare time(!), I enjoy reading, writing, music, singing, playing and listening.

The Wider Context:  As a small child being raised in a tiny rural patch, I grew up wanting to help folks. My parents encouraged it, and wanted me to succeed in life, as all parents do.

One of the most important things I have learned in my lifetime is that money and time do not always equate. And in most cases, Time is infinitely more precious. I am studying nutrtition at the moment, my belief being that nutrition, with the proper supplementation, can reverse, and even heal, the autoimmune diseases. I fimly believe in the "spend some, save some, give some away" theory of time AND money, And when this opportunity came up, I was very excited to be onboard with such a great cause. Please don't hesitate to write; my door is always open, although I need a lot of sleep!! And for those of you who think that Americans are all bluster and no trousers, just give me a chance.

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