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Meet The Team: Philippines

Hanah A Mojica: Country Coordinator

Hannah A Mojica, Country Coordinator for the Philippines.The Chemical Connection:  While the term "Multiple Chemical Sensitivity" ( MCS ) is almost unheard of in the Philippines its symptoms and causes are notably widespread. It is a reality that third world countries have long been the dumping place for chemicals and drugs found to be toxic by more affluent nations. Local cause-oriented groups particularly environmentalists have long sounded warnings and concern about such practices. I have been witness to the illness' varying degrees of manifestation in some family members, friends and acquaintances, but it was the MCS-International founder, Gordon, himself an MCS sufferer, who made me aware of the extent and severity of the condition and of how it was an international affliction.

Background Information:  I have a Bachelor's degree in radiography, trained in several metro-manila hospitals and at the former US Clark Air Base Hospital, and was a radiologic technology instructor. I took computer courses and worked as programmer at a government office. Availed of early retirement at 30 and am now a proprietor of a loofah (vegetable gourd) health sponge business. Personal interests include study of alternative and non-traditional healing and health practices.

The Wider Context:  I am a board member of the Women Inventors Association of the Philippines Inc (WIAPI). I have joined the MCS-International team to help bring greater awareness of the MCS condition in this part of the globe and more importantly to let the causes be known so as to prevent or decrease the possibility of its onset. Finding relief or cure of MCS and other chemically induced illnesses through the MCS-International.Org web site is also hoped for.

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