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Meet The Team: India

Praveen Morchhale: Country Coordinator

Praveen Morchhale, Country Coordinator for IndiaThe Chemical Connection:  I have been raising my opinion against indiscriminate chemicals and pesticide use since Bhopal gas tragedy happened in India. My many close relatives and cousins have escaped death very closely when it happened. Afterwards I have seen many deformation in new born babies even several years after as I do visit Bhopal often as it is close to my native place.

A news article in BBC News website precisely on 29th Nov 2007 "Punjab water is Risk to health" read "High levels of ground water contamination in the north Indian state of Punjab are causing DNA to mutate in people, according to a study". I was shaken by the news.My filmmakers mind could not rest and decided to do something for our society by raising issue of chemical free society.Very recently I suffered a severe life threatening lever infection when some contaminated water or food I took while travelling and was bed ridden for many months.I realised that this is the time to raise voice.

Background Information:  I am Management Post Graduate (MBA) and worked in food industry for more than 10 years. I Have seen closely how water and soil is being contaminated by industries flouting rules. BBC news article forced me to do some worthwhile which is safe for human and our environment and therefore I started promoting noble idea of bio safe pesticides in India since 2008 through my small biotech company. Apart from this I do make short films and my one such film on environmental issue has won award in US film festival besides being screened at many international film fest.

The Wider Context:  I have joined the MCS-International team to create awareness and raise voice against indiscriminate use of chemicals in growing economy like India, which may be disastrous for our future generation. Also I hope I would be able to develop a team of dedicated volunteers to create awareness in society about chemical induced diseases.

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