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Meet The Team: Kenya, Africa

Samwel Zacharia Kingi:  Country Coordinator

Samwel Kingi, Country Coordinator for Kenya, AfricaThe Chemical Connection:  It has been long for me to discover that one of my family members was a chemical victim. Allergic problems besieged him to the top. He liked cosmetics with perfumes to make him smell - and his general environment too. This forced me to stay away from him.

It took our family a long to know this. We spent much on him to recover from these allergies. Lucky enough, l knew his problem was through the cosmetics (mixed with chemicals) he is fond of using. l then stood up and spoke out to raise public awareness to save those who are also fond of using (and suffering from) these chemicals.

My whole family, relatives and friends are now aware of these chemical problems and it was fortunate that l knew of MCS International through the internet. Soon I was interested to join them to try and save more people from becoming chemical victims in Kenya.

Background Information:  l was born in a small town called Kisii in Kenya. My parents assisted me academically. l went through all my school classes and ended up in a college doing an electrical course. After that, l moved to the city to seek for electrical work. This ended me to own my washing machines operating in town. Unfortunately, l sold them later due to financial constraints. l still stay in Nairobi doing my electrical job. l am single but l intend to pair soon.

The Wider Context:  l am a Christian. But l know that there is no great religion than to know the truth like the one we advocate. l feel to know what is happening in this cosmic world has me struggle to keep people aware of rampant chemicals in this world. l am so much interested to work with the MCS International team and our other chemically injured brothers and sisters in the world, to protect the health of our people and the general environment from dangerous chemicals, and to represent MCS International in Kenya.

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