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About Us: Meet The Team

Volunteers graphic Gordon D McHendry, MCS International Founder, 2006 Welcome to our "Meet The Team" web pages! If you would prefer to skip the brief intro- ductory material here and jump straight into the mini-bio's of the caring volunteers who, often despite disabling levels of illness, make MCS International possible, then please feel free to use either the mini-bio drop-down menu above to choose volunteers by country and region, or alternatively, use the right hand navigation pointer at the bottom of the page to begin cycling through the whole MCS International team in a convenient forward loop.

No Hiding Place:  The rampant proliferation of toxic man-made chemicals knows no national boundaries. Their health devastating impacts make no distinction on political, ethnic, social, or religious grounds. Unless you are wealthy enough and knowledgeable enough to be able to go to some quite extraordinary lengths to avoid them, ubiquitous synthetic chemicals have already made - and will continue to make - insidious inroads into all aspects of your health and the health of your loved ones. And as this inevitable health holocaust rolls relentlessly on, gathering pace as it goes so that no aspect of our environment or the flora and fauna that inhabit it escapes at least some form of chemical injury, our governments - and the so called "watch-dog" authorities that they have set up (like the FSA in the UK and the FDA in the USA for example) supposedly to "protect us" (as we elect and empower them to do), instead do nothing, it would appear, to effectively tackle this all-pervasive, health destroying problem. Especially if this would harm the multi-billion pound per-annum financial interests of the perpetrators of these "chemical crimes against humanity" - and thus the staggeringly huge taxes they pay to our governments.

Instead we get shameful, totally inadequate, lip-sevice measures like official "acceptable limits", with no account taken whatsoever of the powerful synergistic effects of the countless synthetic chemical combinations that happen inside us due to the toxic contamination of our air, water, food, consumer goods, and our living, working and wild environments.

The Prostitution Of Science:  Science in general, and modern allopathic medicine in particular, have both sold us out too, it seems, to totally immoral and utterly ruthless commercial forces. The rather unpleasant and somewhat scary truth here is that we can no longer trust our prevailing "top-down" power structures to solve the most pressing problems of our day. Money is now our international king and people everywhere have been reduced to the mere status of its expendable subjects. The changes that we all so much need - if they are to come at all - must be initiated, and then relentlessly demanded, from the "bottom-up"; via "we the people". The tools to do the job certainly exist - but never forget that all that is necessary for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing.

It's Time To Stand Up And Be Counted:  MCS International is visited by people from all walks of life from over 70 countries right around the planet. Is YOUR country represented at MCS International? If not join us and make it so. And even if your country IS represented - is YOUR region, or YOUR state, or YOUR city? If not, please, join us and make it so. There is no financial cost involved. And since most of our members are ill to some extent or another - including myself - there is no time pressure to "perform" in any way either. All we ask of you is a sincere desire to help whenever you are able to do so - in whatever ways you are able to. In short all we ask, all we will ever ask, is that you "do what you can - when you can". So, please, click that "volunteer button" below - now. The planet and everything on it needs YOUR help.

If joining us is just not possible for you at this time, for whatever reason, then instead please sign up for our free email newsletters "Newsflash", "Red Alert" and "Green Alert" via the blue button below - and/or consider supporting MCS International by making a secure online donation.

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